Sunday, August 27, 2006

This Game Is Not Fixed

I wanted to thank all of you for your birthday wishes and kind comments about how I don't look old and stuff. It was very sweet that so many people that I don't even know personally took the time to stop in and wish me a Happy Birthday. And in case any of you are wondering, I don't feel a day older than 29.

The winner of this week's Say WHAT? is the wonderful, the brave, the AMAZING, Bon from The Mama. And she won fair and square. Not because she posted this on her blog just for me. Can you believe it? I'm not sure that I deserve it but it made me cry big, happy, grateful tears. It is nice to be loved.

A quote from Sixteen Candles seemed appropriate since one's sixteenth birthday is a milestone not unlike the milestone of one's thirtieth birthday. Honestly, I don't remember my 16th Birthday. Isn't that sad? I'm going to throw my daughter one rockin' 16th birthday party she'll never forget. Ha! I guess for now I should concentrate on her 1st birthday!

I watched this movie again a couple of years ago. It is really rather shocking when you realize what sort of things were acceptable back then that I really don't think are acceptable now. For instance this quote “I can get a piece of ass anytime I want. Shit, I've got Caroline in the bedroom right now, passed out cold. I could violate her ten different ways if I wanted to.” And this is a quote from the stud of the movie, the hero, Jake. Doesn't that sound like he's referring to rape? And yet he's the nice young man that Samantha ends up with. Hmmm? Also there is tons of blatant racism. I know we've got sexy music videos and pretty inappropriate things on television and in movies these days but for some reason it's just different. If you own a copy of 16 Candles, watch it again and let me know if you agree.

Anyway, for now Peace out.


Jenn said...

I haven't seen that movie in ages.

That is one beauty of a cake over at bon's!

Dawnyel said...

What a cake!! WOW!

LynAnne said...

It's been forever since I've seen that movie also. Way to go Bon!! Neat cake!

Did you get any cool presents this year?

bon said...

In best Elvis Presley mumble..."Thank you... thank you verr much.."

Yeah.. I watched it again a few years back and had a couple of audible "Holy Moley," moments!