Monday, July 31, 2006


In this post I spoke about the website which is also linked in my sidebar by the name of 'The Shape of a Mother'. I submitted the photos of my present postpartum tummy from my post to that website. This was slightly brave of me since, as you can see from the photos, my tummy doesn't look like the tummies on the covers of magazines. I don't wear bikinis (never did) and I don't wear anything that shows my tum tum off. I will say that I don't think it was as difficult for me to do this as it was for a large number of the women who have submitted their photos to this site.

You see, I am not what anyone might call, shy. This is partly the reason I became a hairstylist and also one of the reasons why I have a blog. I like to talk to people. I like to write about my life and if possible entertain people. Or to find common ground with others. I will, and have talked about almost anything, no matter how embarrassing, emotional or upsetting the subject matter. I'm just like that. An open book so to speak. That's why posting a picture of my naked stomach for all the world to see wasn't too traumatizing. Not because I'm all “Look at me.” just because I thought “Why not? It'll be cool”. Also, because I believe strongly in the purpose of 'The Shape of a Mother' and I liked thinking that someone might be comforted by seeing my post pregnancy shape and not feel as badly about theirs.

The trouble with people like me who jump before they think it through is that we are often surprised by what happens next... I use Site Meter to keep tabs on the traffic coming to my blog, to see what kind of freaky searches might land people here, who I'm getting referrals from, etc. On July 23 a link to my post was up on 'The Shape of a Mother' after which visits to my blog increased... a lot. On July 21 I received my weekly report from Site Meter giving the stats – weekly visits 318, average per day 45. On July 28 the same report looked like this... weekly visits 1,297, average per day 185. Holy...gulp. That's 185 people a day looking at my stretch marks. I hadn't banked on that. And how do I know that is where they were coming from? Thanks to the lovely referrals option on my Site Meter. It was solid with referrals coming from 'The Shape of a Mother'. Wow! I knew that site was getting a lot of traffic but I don't think I actually considered that all those people would be looking. at. me. *nervous laugh*

Do I regret it? No. I guess I was just caught a little off guard. It's a little intimidating thinking about all those people looking at my belly. I do know that I personally have appreciated every contribution to that website. I visited the blog of a recent contributor and think she is fabulous and entertaining.

So I guess showing my squishy tummy and stretch marks was worth it because:

-I may have inspired others to bare their lovely mommy tummies.

-Other mothers may have been comforted by my contribution.

-Lots of new people have visited my blog.

-I found a cool new mom from Hollywood who looks like a movie star, has wicked tattoos and is hilarious.

Its not all bad, right?

Sunday, July 30, 2006

And Finally... A Winner!

This is a first for my Say WHAT? game. There were no correct guesses. In fact, there were no guesses at all. Peter thought that this one would be easy because he thought it had been a popular movie and that a lot of people would have seen it. I guess it wasn't memorable. Or at least the dialog I chose for the quote wasn't.


My family was hanging out with The Big Fugr last night and I happen to know that he knew this quote as well. Big surprise. Being the special person that he is he refrained from guessing because he wanted to give everyone else a chance. This week he gave everyone else a chance to not win. I hope next weeks quote will be easier and we will have a winner. Bon gave me a good idea for the game and if I can get it together it might be ready for the winner of next weeks game. Anyway, on with the show...

This week's quote that rhymed with Mess and Hero was... 'Less than Zero'. It starred Andrew McCarthy, Robert Downey Jr. and Jamie Gertz. Even though this movie didn't seem to be popular with any of my commenters I actually liked it quite a lot. I enjoyed most of the soundtrack, the story and Robert Downey Jr. I admit it, when he died at the end I cried like a baby. His character was the kind of person I would have been drawn to as a young teen. I would want to save him. I consider myself lucky that no one ever died of a drug over dose in my car in highschool actually...

I didn't read the book until several years later. I could hardly believe that the movie had been based on the book at all. It is completely devoid of any compassion or feeling. None of the characters are likable therefore you don't care what they do or what happens to them. Jullian's character doesn't die at the end and the way it was written, you wouldn't care if he did anyway. It was written by Bret Easton Ellis who wrote 'American Psycho' one of the most violent books ever printed. It was trendy and I tried to read it. I couldn't do it. It was written the same awful way only with piles of violence added in. I think it's point was to demonstrate the shallow, self absorbed lifestyle of yuppies in the eighties. Or something. I think it's pure evil. But I digress.

My watching the movie as a kid had nothing to do with either book. It definitely made me more afraid of drugs than I already was. I didn't want to go into horrible debt, froth at the mouth, become a prostitute or die in anyone's red convertible. If nothing else this movie made me stay away from blow. It was more disturbing than any after school special I'd ever seen.

Friday, July 28, 2006


It's Friday again and that means it's time for my AWESOME game Say WHAT? In case it's your first time or you forgot how to play, here's the deal. I post a quote from an 80's movie and you all leave me your guesses in the comments. I can't stop you from using the internet as a resource but I'll ask everyone nicely to refrain. It's more fun that way! I will announce the winner on Sunday night and if the winner has a blog, I'll link them. If they have I profile picture I'll post that too.

Last week's winner was Valarie from many mundane moments.

I was glad to see that she beat Mr. Fugr to the punch. Of course it might help if there was some rhyme or reason to when I get this game posted. But hey, I'm a mama - It all depends on when my baby has a nap... or if I get time to do it the night before. I think it adds an extra challenge to the game, not having a hot clue when I'm going to post the quote. Keeps you all on your toes. Dance bloggers Dance!

Now for today's 80's quote. I was looking for something better from this film but I couldn't find anything and I don't own the movie. This one will have to do! Good Luck everyone and don't forget to come and check if you won!!

“It's funny. When you called me, I thought I was coming home to see you.”

Thursday, July 27, 2006


My sister will be heading home tomorrow. I am always sad when the time comes for her to go. Things are always so hectic when she is here we never seem to have any quality time to visit. Mind you, the purpose of this particular visit was primarily for her to help look after my mom while she continues to recover from surgery. That in itself has been a huge help. I've still been running back and forth every day for lunch but I don't have to make it when I get there as I'd been doing before. She has been running my mom around to all of her doctor and physiotherapy appointments. This has really cut down on the amount of stress I was feeling having to do all this as well as cart a baby along. Next week it will be back upon my shoulders...

My relationship with my sister has evolved over the years. She is eighteen years older than I am and had already moved away when I was born. Growing up she was more like an Auntie to me than a sister. I didn't know anyone else who had siblings that were that much older than they were. I always used to refer to her as my 'favorite' sister. I think this was because I saw her the least of all of them. I never fought with her, she was always nice to me even when I was being naughty. She has a tremendous amount of patience (especially with her own children) which is a quality I have always admired in her and wish I myself possessed.

Her children are closer to my age than she is. When I was young I played with them a lot and as we all grew up together we were pretty close. When they would come to visit I would have the girls over for sleep overs and we'd watch girlie movies and put on clay masks. These are secretly things that I would have loved to have done with my sister but sadly our age difference always seemed to prevent it.

Because I am so much younger than all three of my sisters I remain 'the baby' no matter how much older I become. I will never share the childhood memories that the three of them have. They were each two years apart and had a lot of the same friends growing up. I listen to them reminisce about old boyfriends or about school memories and I find myself wishing I could be a part of the conversation. Sometimes I feel just like a little kid again vying for their attention. It's embarrassing but I can't seem to help myself.

This family dynamic has made me feel firmly about the fact that I'd like to have my children closer together. Not that I'm planning anything at the moment, we're not intending to try for another year, but I wouldn't want my kids to be so spread apart in age. (I would have had to start having kids at 19 like my mom for that to even be a possibility!) (NO THANKS!) I hope that my next baby (if we are blessed with another) whether it be a boy or a girl will be good friends with their big sister. My wish is for them to share many great memories together of growing up with a couple of crazies for parents. That they can at least commiserate with each other about all their expectations that we won't be able to live up to.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Something Happier

Since yesterday's post was such a total downer, man – I decided today I would make you all smile/laugh/feel amused. At least this is my wish for you. It also works out well since it requires minimal writing effort and frees me up to go and visit my sister who is still visiting from out of town. Since I only get to see her about once a year I try to smother her with my love and affection. Could this be why she only visits rarely?

On Monday night I asked her to come and play ball with me. Being the athletic woman that she is she agreed to play. Soccer is her game but she can play pretty much any sport. She and I are similar in our sporty tomboyish ways. I was thrilled to have her come and play ball and I think you may possibly be able to tell by the RIDICULOUSLY HUGE SMILE on my gob. I sent this picture to my dentist and he replied saying he thinks he might see a cavity. Also, where are my eyes? My smile is so big it left no room on my face for my eyes to be open. Like my shirt? It's a T-Shirt I bought at Value Village. Our ball team wears red and since I didn't have a red shirt I thought I'd go buy a cheap one and cut off the sleeves. Cause I'm crazy cool like that. And the fact that it says Tonka on it, epitomizes my tomboyishness. Don't you think? Can you tell I am the giant of my family? Would you believe I am a whopping 5 foot 4 inches tall? I'm the baby of my family and the tallest girl. Sad, really. I am so banking on Miss A having her Dada's tall genes.

Which brings us to our next humorous photographs. These were taken while we were on the aforementioned Value Village shopping trip. This is me in a furry coat that I DID NOT BUY. My husband asked me to put it on so he could take a picture. I did as I was told because I am a performing monkey. Eeek eeek! I will take full credit for being the one who decided to post this picture on the internet.

And this is Baby A and Tickle Me Elmo. When Peter started to take this picture she looked gleeful to be sharing her stroller with such a celebrity. (Not that she has any idea who he is, she's never seen Sesame Street) But by the time he snapped the picture she looked horrified and afraid of him. Isn't that just like a baby? One minute the world is a happy, glorious place the next BAM! I hate everything, get me outta here, leave me alone before I explode. Oh, maybe that's just my baby... (Also, used Elmo was promptly taken home, battery compartment removed and thrown in the washing machine. Voila! Brand new Elmo!)

And finally...

Have you ever seen a photograph more simultaneously cute and disgusting? I'm leaning towards cute but I'm a little bit biased.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Just Get Over It.

I have a confession to make. I have been feeling sorry for myself lately. And when I'm not feeling sorry for myself I'm day dreaming. So why, you may ask, am feeling sorry for myself? Because I need a break. I desperately want to go on a date with my husband. I want to use a gift certificate (we received when Baby A was born!) for a restaurant and go to a movie. Is that really too much to ask for? I don't really think so.

My sister was going to look after A for us a couple of weekends ago but then she had to back out. She's in the process of selling her house which means a lot of work cleaning, organizing, packing and tidying. Babies just aren't very helpful when it comes to that sort of thing. I should know. My house wouldn't be in any condition to be shown to potential buyers at the moment.

Also, it's summer. Everyone is busy holidaying and the like. No one has time for looking after babies. My mom is still recovering from her surgery. She is home now and another sister of mine is visiting from out of town. I have been running back and forth to visit her and my mom. It is so warm in our house unless I want to hang out in our bedroom where the air conditioning unit is. It's been working extra hard lately and has started making a few strange noises which I find very difficult to ignore when trying to get to sleep. Last night it seemed like it took me an hour before I fell asleep and then I woke up again two hours later to the same funny noises. Then I became paranoid that it was going to just quit. Then I worried about the money it would cost to get another one. I ended up shutting it off. By morning it was a tad stuffy in our room.

And the day dreaming? I've been imagining Peter and I going on dates again when Miss A is older. Thinking about how much easier everything will be. How much more freedom I'll have. So much more time on my hands. How much saner I will be. But after I day dream a while the guilt washes in like the tide. How can I wish my baby's infant hood away? How can I be so selfish when I was the one who chose to bring her into this world in the first place? Suck it up lady, it's not going to last forever.

Ahem. So you see, I'm rather busy. It's very time consuming to go through so many emotions in such a short amount of time. To argue with myself. And the worst part is? I'm so stubborn, I'll never win.

Monday, July 24, 2006

My National Treasure

Meet the Beaver, Canada's National Animal. Beavers are the largest rodent in North America. They are slow on land but are exceptional swimmers. They use their long flat tails as a rudder in the water or to slap on the surface to warn other beavers of danger. Most importantly, the beaver has long, sharp and strong incisors which enable them to gnaw wood and even fall large trees. The Beaver appears on our 5 Cent coin, many T shirts and is also available in the stuffed toy variety.

My daughter is nothing, if not patriotic. She is already taken with our national treasure and has decided to emulate it. Although I encourage her patriotism as well as her enthusiasm towards new hobbies, I would appreciate it if she would actually find a tree to chew on... Rather than her crib.

I am reminding myself that I wanted her to get teeth. I guess I wasn't expecting the destruction that has followed. I'm not too concerned. That crib is going to be around for at least one more kidlet. When we're all through with it I could likely sand the damaged areas down and touch up the stain. Or if I decide to be sentimental and keep it I'll always have that gnawed area as a reminder of my sweet Baby A and her very first, and very sharp tooth.

*Also, I'm happy to say that she has been very gentle with Mama. She's sticking to gnawing wood, not me. Thank the Good Lord in Heaven!!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

See, you can win too!

Congratulations to Valarie from 'many mundane moments' who was this weeks winner of Say WHAT?

She successfully defeated The Big Fugr prevented him from dominating Say WHAT? for yet another week. Although he claims to have known this one as well. Are you sure you want to admit to that Mr. Fugr? What would Ace Frehley think?

This weeks quote was from 'Girls Just Want to Have Fun' a movie that took it's name from the great song and then featured a cover version of it performed by nobodys. How dumb. It was the fluffiest 80's movie I could think of this week. (And still it wouldn't have stumped Mr. you know who!) Starring Sarah Jessica Parker, Helen Hunt and Shannon Doherty when they were but wee gals starting out in the biz. Love Helen Hunt's character in this movie. As a kid, when I watched most movies, I would pick a character in the film that I would be if I could. I chose to be Lynne. She was kooky, outgoing, funky and self confident. The obvious choice would have been Janey. After all she's the dancer AND she gets the guy. But you know Lynne was just a lot more fun.

As always while doing my IBR (internet based research TM) I discovered something of interest. Lee Montgomery the romantic male lead was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba! Just hours away from the city I live in! How weird is that? He kinda reminds me of Joey from Blossom, no? Sadly he hasn't acted since 1988 according to IMDB. BUT also according to IMDB (love that site!) he now composes music! What for you might ask? Let me tell you... He composed the original music for these Blockbuster hits 'Farewell, My Love', 'Legend of the Phantom Rider' and 'Trespasses'. Yeah. I feel sorry for him too.

Yes, 'Girls Just Want To Have Fun' was fluffy. But it was also entertaining. It had dancing, romance and crimped hair. All of which I was a fan. And most importantly it was fun. Which is good. Because I'm a girl and well... you get my point.

Friday, July 21, 2006


It's Friday again and that means it's time for my AWESOME game Say WHAT? In case it's your first time or you forgot how to play, here's the deal. I post a quote from an 80's movie and you all leave me your guesses in the comments. I can't stop you from using the internet as a resource but I'll ask everyone nicely to refrain. It's more fun that way! I will announce the winner on Sunday night and if the winner has a blog, I'll link them. If they have I profile picture I'll post that too.

For two weeks running The Big Fugr has dominated this game. Either I am not challenging everyone enough or he is a FREAK! Most likely the latter. (Love ya Fugr!) I promised him I was picking a really girly-girl fluffy 80's movie quote this week and I will not disappoint.

I thought of the perfect one. If Fugr figures this one out I'll post pictures of my post baby, stretch marked tummy on the internet for all the world to see. Oh right, I already did that! Oh well.

Now for today's 80's quote. It's a good one. I've worried before that the quotes I've picked have been too obscure but I haven't stumped anyone yet so here goes. Good Luck everyone and don't forget to come and check if you won!!

"...So I said, 'Sister, please, anyone could have confused 'Hail Mary' with 'Proud Mary' and besides, I do a very good Tina Turner!'"

Thursday, July 20, 2006

3 Of These Things

Sam tagged Miss A to do a 3 Things List. It's her first meme to go along with her first TOOTH!!!

3 Things That Scare Me
Loud, abrupt noises
When Mama says “No!” in her firm, deep voice
When the cat (gently) bites (warns) me (because I'm pulling his fur or trying to lay on top of him)

3 People That Make Me Laugh
Anyone that tries

3 Things I Love
My Mama and Dada
My Kitty
Popcorn Twists

3 Things I Hate
Getting my diaper changed
Getting things taken away or being moved away from something or somewhere

3 Things I Don’t Understand
Why I have to stay still when my diaper is getting changed
Why the Kitty doesn't like it when I pull his hair
Where Mama is when she's not with me

3 Things On My Desk/Table
(I'm interpreting this to be my highchair)
Special K's or Popcorn Twists
Avent Sippy Cup

3 Things I’m Doing Right Now
Looking like an angel
Dreaming about walking

3 Things I Want to Do Before I Die
That's too far away to even consider right now.

3 Things I Can Do
Crawl really, REALLY fast
Stand by myself if I don't realize what I am doing
Bob my head right under the water and not cry

3 Ways to Describe My Personality
Fun Loving

3 Things I Can’t Do
Talk (other than my language, jibber jabber)
Stay still while having my diaper changed

3 Things I Think You Should Listen To

My Dada play guitar
My Mama sing 'Coldplay' in the car
Baby Einstein 'Galileo'

3 Things I Think You Should Never Listen To
Anyone telling you not to eat the cat's food
Anyone telling you 'No' regarding anything you are doing
American Idol Auditions

3 Absolute Favorite Foods

Popcorn Twists
Special K's
Anything anyone gives me to eat

3 Things I’d Like to Learn

How to walk
How to talk
How to climb out of my crib

3 Beverages I Drink Regularly
Mama Milk
Apple/Prune Juice
Apple Juice

3 Shows I Watched as a Kid

Baby Einstein “Baby Beethoven”
Baby Einstein “Baby Galileo”
Curling (with Grandma)

3 Babies I Tag



Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Jumping Into Very Cold Water

So everybody is talking about this website 'The Shape of a Mother'. And with good reason. It is simply amazing. Mamas everywhere coming out of the woodwork to post pictures of themselves. Real pictures of real Mamas. Pictures of the bits of ourselves that some of us aren't always so proud of, especially after pregnancy. Our stretch marks, our saggy tummies and um... other saggy parts. And why? Because it's about time. About time that we all realize what normal really looks like.

A normal postpartum body that hasn't had a personal trainer, a personal chef and a personal shopper to make it look good. A body that has grown another human being (or human beings) inside of it's womb. A body that created nourishment for that life and was responsible for it's growth and well being. A body that has suffered through all the stresses of pregnancy, childbirth, sleep deprivation and hormonal surges. I am filled with wonder at how we survive this process at all.

But we do survive, afterwards we often forget about all the amazing things we and our bodies accomplished and focus on the negative. My skin is stretched, I have a scar, my nipples look funny, I'm not thin enough. I know because I've been there. Okay, I am there. But I want to change my perspective.

'The Shape of a Mother' is helping me to do that. Looking at all the photos that so many courageous Mamas have sent in makes me want to do it to. It makes me aspire to be proud of my body, the way that it is. With all its badges of motherhood. I had never felt so comfortable in my own skin as I did during my pregnancy so why should it be any different afterwards? This is why I've decide to do it. Jump in. I'm posting my pictures here to be linked at 'The Shape of a Mother'.

So here goes, my current postpartum photos. I have my 'Super Mama' PJ's on to help me to be brave. It was difficult to smile but Peter told me to.

I encourage all other Mamas to do it too. It's empowering to be a part of something so influential. The reason I started this blog was to help any other Mamas who might be going through the same stuff I was/am. I'm posting these pictures for the same reason. We should be proud of who we are and how we look. Because as Mamas we are the biggest Superheros there are!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Arrival

I have blogging material for days and days but an event has occurred that takes precedence over everything else.


I know, I'm so excited too. After 10 long months as a toothless wonder she is now the proud owner of a left top central incisor. I discovered it last night during our evening snuggle and nurse. She was in the mood for sleeping yet so she started to complain and scrunch up her little nose exposing her upper gums. That's when it caught my eye. Is that a...? Could it be a...? No, surely it's not a... Tooth! It was indeed a tooth and not in the place I was expecting it to appear first. I exclaimed “Oh wow she's got a tooth!” Her dad was shocked. “Really?” “Yeah, turn the light on!” I told him and she began to grin displaying her pearly white nub of a tooth for us. I was way more excited that I thought I would be. I think that if she had actually gotten teeth when I expected her to I wouldn't have been nearly as excited.

I'm thinking it must have been there all day and I just hadn't noticed. How could I not notice? How does a baby go from no teeth to a tooth just like that? This may explain her clingy behavior also, no? As well as the fact that she felt really warm the night before last when she went to bed.

Sprouting a tooth is hard work! I tried taking a couple of pictures. It was harder than I thought. I made little pointies to show you where to look.

I am totally fascinated by this tooth. I could look at it all day. She's going to grow tired of me poking around in her mouth. (um... she already is) I'm breathing a sigh of relief because now I know for sure that she will have at least one tooth. She can be the supermodel with one tooth. It'll be her thing.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Unconditional Love

Something I never happened to mention last week was that I was on holidays. Yup, that's right holidays for the whole week. Since I only work 3 days it wasn't a lot of actual days off but having the week off was exciting. Ever notice how the anticipation of something good is often better than the thing you are looking forward to? Such was the case with my 'holidays'.

This is my first time on holidays since having Baby A. Maternity leave DID NOT COUNT as holidays. Especially since I was back at work 3 ½ months postpartum. I also didn't take my holidays last summer. I thought why would I bother taking holidays when I was going to be done work on August 31? I had already cut back my hours so I was only working six hours a day on my feet for my 8th and 9th month of pregnancy. If I had her on my due date (September 13th) I would have like, two weeks off. That's just like a holiday, right? I had her on September 12th and let me tell you, the holiday was SO over after that.

I had several things that I wanted to accomplish last week. Chore type things that I'd been putting off until I had more time. Washing windows, weeding the flower garden and a few other things. What did I get done in reality? Nothing. Nada. Except making a couple of good meals. Which for me is a chore. We're lucky to get grilled cheese or peanut butter sandwiches around here. I made cranberry chicken wraps, quesadillas, chicken curry and last night we BBQ'd zucchini, mushroom and cherry tomatoes kabobs (marinated in Zesty Italian Dressing) potatoes and chicken. Mmmm. But back to the not getting anything done.

I mentioned in a couple of last week's some of Baby A's new behavioral developments. The clingyness and the not napping much and waking in the night while the worst infomercial EVER is on. This all put a real damper on my holiday. I was tired, I was cranky and therefore not in the mood for the clingy, needy baby. Although, I'd like to say thank you to my readers who suggested that I indulge her behavior and love her up so that she may 'get over it' more quickly. I am taking your advice. Except for the few stinkin' minutes that “I just can't hold you right now. Can't I just go pee without you hanging on me?”. The phase (oh, I hope it's a phase) is still in full swing. But I'm rolling with it.

The trouble was I didn't enjoy my holiday much at all. I kept being consumed by self pity. I couldn't get my stuff done! Wahhh! (temper tantrum. Hmmm... wonder where my daughter gets her temper from...) Then Saturday arrived. Two parents to share the work. What I accomplished Monday through Friday – not much. What we accomplished Saturday.

-trip to the pool and a picnic lunch (followed by a nap for Baby A)
-weeded flower garden
-washed windows
-dropped off accumulated glass recyclables (what a pain)
-got key cut for new door (Oh yeah, we got a new door!)
-made delicious BBQ supper
-cleaned bathroom
-mopped kitchen floor

Wow! Composing that list was tiring in itself. This again proves my point. There should always be two people at home with the baby. That way no one wants to pull their hair out in frustration. Much. We both have holidays in August which I am looking forward to. Being on holidays by myself sucked. My attitude sucked. I just need to get used to what holidays with a baby are like. I should have simply been happy to have the extra time to spend with her. Unfortunately I was too busy being annoyed about the unimportant things that I couldn't get done... These are the times when I look back and think I am a crappy mama. But the great part is, she loves me anyway.

Sunday, July 16, 2006


As I predicted, The Big Fugr won Say WHAT? again this week. I swear I didn't pick a quote that I was sure he would know, he's just that good at remembering movie dialog. Although I did decide to shake things up a bit this week and pick an 80's quote from a horror movie. And since The Big Fugr is a huge fan of horror flicks I figured he'd know it. So, again Congratulations Mr. Fugr. Next week I'll have to pick a sappy girlie movie that you'll never know.

I admit, I used to be a fan of horror movies. I say used to, because I think that the part of me that enjoyed being freaked out is broken. Permanently. I discovered this while I was pregnant. My husband and I watched “The Grudge” with our friends. I say watched but does peeking through the holes in a afgahan count? I was terrified. I'm chalking it up to mama instincts or hormones or something. I just don't enjoy being afraid the way I used to.

I actually have a good story involving The Big Fugr and our friend and former roommate. We were watching “Jeepers Creepers” and I was sitting in between them on a futon. In between two big, strong guys. Safe as could be. There was a particularly scary, jumpy part of the movie which caused me to yell and simultaneously lift my hands in the air and smack them right back down again on each of their legs. I believe it sounded something like this. “AHHH! Slap!” Which caught them both off guard, startled them (I won't say scared cause they're tough guys) and caused them to use profanity. See, that's good fun right there. Good fun I used to occasionally enjoy. Not anymore. I just can't do it.

But I will talk a little bit about the movie I chose the quote from. “Nightmare on Elm Street”. Before 21 Jump Street Johnny Depp was on Elm Street. Cute as ever. Look how skinny he is. As you can see his bed ate him and that is how he died. Tragic. I did love this movie series. I dig Wes Craven's sense of humor. In my opinion, the first “Scream” movie is responsible for the horror movie genre's comeback. I also included pictures from “Nightmare on Elm Street 3, Dream Warriors”. It was my favorite of the bunch. Because they unite and kick Freddy's butt. Of course, he comes back but you know, the bad guys in these flicks always do. Look at little Patricia Arquette. I'd just like to say she has the BEST horror movie scream ever. I don't watch “Medium” so I don't know if they make good use of that scream, but they should. The boy is also from Dream Warriors. I had a crush on him. I was sad that his death was a result of his adolescent hormones running a muck.
Hopefully I haven't lost the respect of all the mamas out there who abhor horror. It's not everyones thing. I get that. I guess it's not my thing anymore either. I've got too many diapers to change anyway...

Friday, July 14, 2006


It's Friday again and that means it's time for my AWESOME game Say WHAT? In case it's your first time or you forgot how to play, here's the deal. I post a quote from an 80's movie and you all leave me your guesses in the comments. I can't stop you from using the internet as a resource but I'll ask everyone nicely to refrain. It's more fun that way! I will announce the winner on Sunday night and if the winner has a blog, I'll link them. If they have I profile picture I'll post that too.

Last weeks winner was The Big Fugr which is no surprise to me since he is a movie aficionado. When he won I mentioned that he should write a new post and guess what? He did. Oh the power!!!!

There is a very good chance he might win again this week. In fact, he may be the only one who would know todays quote. It's right up his alley. Although he may be too busy to stop by as he is playing here tomorrow night! So there may be hope for any of my other competitors yet.

Now for today's 80's quote. It's a good one. I've worried before that the quotes I've picked have been too obscure but I haven't stumped anyone yet so here goes. Good Luck everyone and don't forget to come and check if you won!!

"I believe in you, me, and Rock and Roll. And I'm not too sure about you lately."

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Things That Go WAAAH! In The Night

Even though Miss A got up at 4:00 am last night instead of 3:00 am it still happened to be the time the 'Velform Sauna Belt' infomercial was on. What are the chances? I seriously think this is cause for a months grounding on Miss A's sixteenth birthday. Can you hear it now?

Me: Happy Sixteenth Birthday A! Oh, and by the way you are grounded for a month.

A: What! Why? What did I do?

Me: It's payback for all those times you woke up after regular television was off the air and the infomercials started. And especially for always waking up when the 'Sauna Belt' one was on. Consider yourself lucky I haven't grounded you for a whole year. It was THAT bad.

Seriously. Look at this guy. Do you really think his chest, arms and shoulders look like that because he wears a glorified electric blanket around his midsection for 50 minutes a day? I don't think so. Also, I don't think it's big enough to fit around the waist of anyone who might be carrying a few extra pounds so what's the point?

I've actually grown to enjoy some of the infomercials. Power 90, Turbo Jam. Those are at least inspiring. In my middle of the night haze I think “Gee, I should do some sit ups tomorrow.” Or the Giant Ladder infomercial. “What you are about to see is one ladder...” Now that's a ladder. I have never been more excited about a ladder in my life. I would tell Peter about it the next morning. “Seriously babe, it's an AMAZING ladder! You'd love it!”

Then there are the infomercials I tolerate but don't annoy me too much. The Oreck Air Purifier and The Magic Bullet. I can see the merit in these product although I'm not really compelled to buy them. Air purification is good as are well blended food and drinks. I just don't need the products.

But this sauna belt one... It makes me angry at the world. I'm grumpier that Miss A insisted on waking up at such an hour, grumpier that her Dada just dozes away beside us, grumpier that we can't afford cable television so I don't have to watch crap like this! If I have to watch that skinny girl pump her arms in the air one more time when she takes off her sauna belt to reveal her sweaty, flat tummy one more time... Why I otta!!

I think it's safe to say that I'm unused to this lack of sleep. That I may be getting a little edgy. And my sweet baby being attached to me day and night preventing me from getting a single. thing. done. is wearing on me. I'm trying to keep it light and funny here but really, I'm on the edge. I think my sister is babysitting for us tomorrow or Saturday so that Peter and I can do supper and a movie. That may be the hiatus that keeps me sane.

To prove that I still love her despite her night wakings and attachment issues here is a photo from our trip home from the in laws last weekend. Her Dada took it with his fancy pants phone.

Also a website by the name of Sisterhood Six is looking for submissions to their 'Carnival of Motherhood'. They are looking for links to posts regarding breastfeeding complications or issues. If any of you mamas out there have any current or archived posts dealing with those issues just email them to carnival(AT)sisterhoodsix(DOT)com or follow the link. I know they would appreciate it. Having had SO MANY issues myself I submitted several post links. I'm hoping that sharing this knowledge will help many mamas out there with their issues or at the very least help them not to feel that they are alone in their struggles.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Every Move You Make

My baby and I have entered yet a new phase of our relationship. The clingy phase. Or the stalker phase. I have always (well, maybe not always) been so pleased and happy that she has been an independent girl. She was content to lay on the floor watching 'Baby Einstein' as a small baby. Or sit in her exersaucer and play without me being in the room. (The exersaucer days are SO over. Sadly.) She never had a problem being with anyone else - Dada, Grandma, Auntie, Cousin, care takers at church or the gym.

Now? She freaks out if I'm not in the same room. If she's on the floor and I walk away from her she screams and chases after me. Sometimes she kneels at my feet holding on to my pant legs. Yesterday I went to the gym. As soon as we walked into the babysitting room I felt her grip me tighter with her little hands. When I set her on the ground, her lip turned down and she started pouting. Soon there were tears and she was trying to climb up my legs. I sat with her on the floor for a while as I put on my runners. She eventually crawled off to play with the other kids. Once she seemed settled in I slipped out. I was able to work out for about 25 minutes before they came to get me and said she was just too unhappy. Workout over.

What happened to my independent, happy, social little girl? This is really worrying since I will be going back to work one more day starting in September. She will be at this (very nice) lady's house from 9-4. I really hope Baby A is not going to give her a hard time. She still seems okay with her Dada and her Auntie. Grandma has been worrying that since she hasn't seen her in a while Little A won't remember her. I don't think so, but now I'm not sure.

I have talked to so many other mothers that have had difficulty leaving their kids with anyone else. Even their husbands. They would tell me that their babies wanted them and no one else. I got claustrophobia just thinking about it. I always felt so blessed no to have to worry about that. But lately... it's been a bit scary. Maybe this makes me a bad mother (again) but I don't think I can handle this new clingyness. I need my space. I guess that sounds pretty selfish but I can't help it. I love her. I've got cuddles and kisses for her but having to constantly be with her and not out of her sight... it's smothering. I really hope this is what I'm guessing it to be. A phase. That soon I'll have my fun loving, little monkey back. And not the crying, whining, needy one she is at present.

And another fun part of this phase? Sleeping. Or lack thereof. Some days she has gone on strike from having a nap. Some days she'll sleep for an hour. An hour. Why bother? And she's been fighting bed time, crying herself to sleep and waking in the night. At three. The least she could do was get up before the infomercials start. If I have to watch the 'Velform Sauna Belt' one again I'm going to loose my mind.

Here are a few pictures from last Friday, a nap strike day. She was simply miserable. We were invited out swimming so I told her we were going and that she was going to like it. And I was right! She should listen to me more often!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Accidental Shoplifter

My last post was a meme about my icky memories from elementary school. I didn't get it up (har har) until late last evening as my internet was down for most of the day. I'm posting this now to give you all something a little less downer to read. As well as another installment at 'The Mama D Experiment' Also, what do you all think of the color change? I'm hoping it is easier to read. If not, we can change it again. I am your puppet.

The other day I was sitting in my house sweltering. We have no air conditioning. What have I noticed since the warmer weather began? I really don't have any summer clothes that fit me. I was wearing maternity clothes last year and well, the stuff from the year before that? Um... doesn't fit the same way it used to. The extra crappy part is that we are feeling a tad financially stressed right now. We figure it must be having only 1 ½ incomes instead of two for nearly a year. We were doing well for a long time but lately, yeesh! It has been difficult to keep up. But I digress.

So I decided to buckle Baby A into the stroller and head on down to Giant Tiger. For those of you who aren't familiar with this place it is a discount store. You can buy cheap groceries, home furnishings and clothes all under the same roof. Well eye'll be!! What better place to find some inexpensive summer duds? I picked out several tanks to try on. Baby A had decided midway through our shopping excursion that she was ready to go home. I tried to appease her with anything I could find but knew that I had better get a move on or she might go into full blown freak out mode. I went through the check out with about four tank tops exactly the same style but in different colors.

As we several feet out the door and in the middle of the parking lot I folded down the stroller canopy. Hiding in the canopy was a tank top that I had just accidentally shoplifted. My first thought was “Crap!”. Baby A was starting to have a melt down as I paused in the parking lot. My second thought was “Crap!” The tank top was like, $5. I could just keep walking. Would they really miss it? It's not like I meant to steal it. It was a mistake. I could take it back another day when my baby wasn't screaming her head off. I couldn't do it. I turned the stroller around and went back in the store. I went to the lady at the change rooms and handed her the shirt. I told her what had happened and she nodded understandingly. I'm sure I caught a glimpse in her eye that said “Why the heck did you bother to bring it back, it was only $5?” Yeah, I know.

I've always been an honest person. I've rarely had the guts to do anything that I knew was wrong. And when I have done things that I shouldn't have I feel physically ill. I shouldn't complain. I can only hope my daughter has this freakish internal alarm system. Although if she doesn't she'll save herself the grief of taking a screaming baby back into a store to return a $5 shirt.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Not So Fond Memories

Dawnyel tagged me for an interesting meme. I say interesting because most meme's have questions to answer or lists to compose. This one has a broad topic - 'Elementary School Memories'. I warned Dawnyel that if I was going to be writing about those years of my life it was not going to be all smiles and giggles. It would have been nice if it was...

I lived in a small town for my Elementary School years. My mom and I moved away from there when I was thirteen and the day we left was one of the happiest of my life. I left a lot of pain and heartache behind me as we drove away. When I think of this time in my life it really is difficult to find some happy memories. I was the victim of incessant and relentless bullying from age 5 until I left that town. I didn't have many friends as I was a town kid while most of my classmates lived on farms. I grew up as an only child would since my three much older sisters were grown and moved away and my brother, who was ten years older was too busy and 'mature' to hang out with me. Playing by myself all the time helped me to develop an incredible imagination. So I can count that as one of the few positives of having grown up that way. Okay, on to the specifics.

My Kindergarten teacher was very old. I think my kindergarten year was her last teaching year before she became the librarian. I remember her being very strict and on one occasion when another classmate and I had misbehaved (although, I can't remember what we did) she shook us. Really hard and Really fast. I recall my head literally hitting my upper back. It never occurred to me that she had done anything wrong. Until a few years back when I recalled the incident. I now look at five year olds and think “Wow, they are still just babies.” I joke that the reason I am so terrible at math is because of the brain damage I incurred during this violent shaking. She must have damaged the part of my brain that enables one to remember their multiplication tables and perform any other mathematical tasks. Another awful memory from kindergarten was playing 'Dukes of Hazzard'. I was one of three girls in my class. There were only seven of us (I think, I've blocked it out) in the class. One of the girls was the 'popular' one and the other was, um, not. So I was stuck in the middle. Cool enough to play with but not cool enough to get to be 'Daisy'. I had to be Boss Hogg. Every. Time. Even on those blessed days when Miss Popular was at home, sick, and I thought “This is my chance, my chance to be Daisy.” Nope. “We don't need Daisy today.” the boys would tell me. Do you think this could have been the start of my low self esteem? Maybe. Or it could have been that fact that those boys would flat out call me ugly and stupid right up until the day I finally moved away.

Are you wiping away tears of sympathy yet? I'm just getting started.

My mother had a thing for permanent waves. She is still a hardcore perm gal. (and sadly, I give them to her) She also inflicted her love of perms upon me. It was bad. So much worse than you are picturing. I looked like Little Orphan Annie. It was so bad in fact that two older girls once followed me around the playground all lunch hour teasing me about my awful hair. Eventually I couldn't take it anymore so I tattled to the teacher. She sent them inside to write the line “I will not tease Mama D about her horrible perm anymore.” over and over, both sides on a piece of full scap. They were done in like, five minutes and came out to continue to torment me futher. It is definitely a bad thing when your hair compels children to follow you around telling you how ugly it is. Of all the things my mother ever made me do that I argued about, I should have fought harder so she'd give up trying to make me get a perm. Ah, hindsight.

Another fond memory (ha ha ha) that I have is this one. My mom came home with a bag full of clothes for me one day. I didn't know where she had gotten them and I don't think I asked either. Some of them were pretty nice and one day I wore one of the shirts to school. A girl in the class ahead of me started laughing when she saw what I was wearing. She told me that I was wearing what used to be her shirt. I asked her what she meant. She said that her mom had left a bunch of her old clothes on a blanket at the garbage dump hoping maybe someone would see them and be able to use them. (I realize this is a horrible story. You are all cringing in embarrassment for me aren't you? In case you are confused let me clear some things up for you. #1. We didn't have much money. My mom saw perfectly good clothes that would fit me, she brought them home. What she neglected to consider was that they most definitely belonged to someone I went to school with. There were only 60 kids in my school from kindergarten to grade eight. She should have NEVER let me wear any of those things to school. #2. The small town in which I lived had no Salvation Army, Value Village or second hand store of any kind. This lady who left the clothes at the garbage dump had the best intentions. I guess the garbage dump is a second hand store in a small town. #3. In case you've never heard of or seen a garbage dump it is as you could imagine an area out of town that has large hole dug in the ground for you to throw your crap in. These clothes were laying on a blanket by the edge of the hole.) When she told me this I think I told her she was lying. I couldn't believe that my mom had given me garbage dump clothes and let me wear them to school. Then I did believe it. Then I died of embarrassment. Since I'm dead I don't remember what happened after that. Don't cry for me Argentina.

This memory is a good one except that it was born out of seething anger. Do you remember Miss Popular Daisy Duke girl from kindergarten? Well, a few years later she made me so angry one day in class and we were standing at a table across from each other. I picked up a stapler and threw it right at her head. She ducked and it left a dent in the wall. Looking back, I'm glad she ducked. I would have been is a $hit load of trouble if it had made contact. It was one of the first times I think I really stood up for myself. And I think I scared her. Even though she may have acted all nonchalant about it, I'm pretty sure she may have crapped in her pants a little. I hope so.

I do have a few scattered good memories of elementary school. I met the one and only friend that I still have from that town in that school. I stood up for her at her wedding in New Zealand a few years back and she stood up for me in mine almost 4 years ago. We both have kids now which has solidified the bond between us. I am grateful to know her even if it meant living in that horrible place. I used to lead my classmates around the school yards on 'adventures' that I would make up on the fly. It made me feel special that they enjoyed my 'adventures'. Floor Hockey with the boys. Murder Ball in the gym... I liked that. Even better with the lights off. Is it any wonder that I became a martial artist? Um, yep. That's all I can think of. A few other awful stories are coming to mind but I don't want to scare you all off. “That Mama D, her childhood was messed up. I think she must be crazy.” For the record the above stories are not the ones that led to my insanity. Those stories are much, much worse. Well Dawnyel, you asked for it. Perhaps I shouldn't be tagged for any memes requiring me to disclose any details about my life prior to grade eight. That would be a safer for everyone that way.

Oh yeah, so I guess I'm supposed to tag people. I'm going to tag two of my favorite gals. Bon and Beth cause I'm hoping they actually have some happy, funny memories from their early years!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

A Win x 2

My good pal The Big Fugr won Say WHAT? for the second time by correctly identifying this quote. He was the winner of the very first Say WHAT? I actually didn't think he was playing anymore. I have boasted about his 80's movie knowledge previously but his knowledge of all movies is vast and expansive. He's not a mama but he's a papa and a small town rock star. He writes about his adventures performing, traveling and rocking out! Maybe this link will encourage him to write another entertaining post for you all to enjoy.

I have to agree with The Big Fugr that 'Better Off Dead' is one of John Cusack's best flicks. (He's such a baby in this movie) He has chosen so many fabulous roles that it would be difficult for me to choose my favorite IF 'Say Anything' wasn't it. It is. That movie... mmmm delicious. 'Better Off Dead' is everything that 'Say Anything' isn't. It's goofy, it's light, quirky and it doesn't take itself seriously. But that isn't a bad thing. Other than the wonderful John Cusack it has Booger (Curtis Armstrong) from 'Revenge of the Nerds' and Diane Franklin (the french girl) who was also in 'Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure' AND a movie no one watched called 'How I Got Into College' starring Dr. Mark Greene (also known as Anthony Edwards) from ER. Beyond that while doing my internet based research (TM) for this film I also discovered this awesome website.

So really what more can I say about 'Better Off Dead'? Some John Cusack, some laughs, lots of synthesizer and a french girl who can fix cars. What more could you ask for in a movie? Seriously.