Monday, May 26, 2008


Well, our weekend is over. I hate looking so forward to something because the disappointment when it's all over is nearly crushing...

We had a really, really nice time. We didn't take many pictures because we stayed in the same cabin as last year and I posted the photos here.

So I guess I captured some key moments, like this one when we first arrived. (We don't look a bit thrilled to be kid free for the weekend do we?)

And of course, we had to document the major difference in my appearance from last year...

And then I took a photo from our last day. This is the lovely bath I prepared for myself with tea and a book to enjoy.

Our first night we had beautiful weather. I was even able to get in the pool and swim some laps which felt great. Much different than swimming at the YMCA. There was blue sky and trees and nature to look at instead of concrete walls. We had a BBQ and then watched a couple of movies. I just have to say "I am Legend" So. Good. Wow. I was super tense through most of it though and had to take several breathers to calm down. I also cried an awful lot. Also, Will Smith is a highly underrated actor. There were moments in this film when he simply blew me away.

The following day it rained. And rained. And rained some more. When we were going to bed I'm pretty sure it was sleeting actually. It didn't matter though. We slept in... for the first time in... such a long time. And since we didn't have to get up with a child in the night it wasn't the kind of sleeping in that is the result of being overtired. It was pure, sweet, extra sleep. We read books. We watched crappy television. (Rock the Cradle) We went out for a nice meal. We watched more movies. We went to bed early.

And then today we had to come home.

It was amazing just to have a break from putting Miss A to bed. It was nice to have a holiday from the responsibility. To just be the two of us.

Yet, at the same time we missed her and kept quoting her the entire time we were away. We looked so forward to seeing her. When we arrived at my sister's to pick her up I couldn't stop staring at her. I was amazed by every word she said. I highly recommend spending some time away from your kids sometimes. It really does make you appreciate them in the most incredible way.

It was also nice to hear that she was an absolute ANGEL for my sister and her family. She slept, she ate, she even napped one day! She had everyone wrapped around her finger. Of course this means that from now on my sister will NEVER believe me when I complain about her being a crazy child and the fact that she makes me think I'm losing my mind sometimes... Then again, she does have kids too so maybe she'll believe me after all.

Anyway, it was a nice break. And now we buckle down for the hard stuff that is on it's way. Like... soon...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Random Tales

Miss A had her first wood tick yesterday. It was in her hair right by her temple. Ick! I discovered it while putting her in her car seat. I was very brave, removed it and inciner

I think this will be my only post for the week. I'm too busy getting ready for and being excited about the coming weekend. We are going here again. Normally, we wouldn't be going away this way two years in a row but with the new baby coming who knows when we'll have our next opportunity. Miss A is terribly excited about going to stay with her cousins so it's also a guilt free trip!

This is A's favorite new playground to visit. She refers to it as "the red park".

According to this sign she is too young to play there.

She doesn't seem to think so.

Also, I'm growing.

And this is my new favorite song.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Many Faces of A

Miss A's new favorite game is to make faces. She tells us to "Be MAD!!!" "Be SAD!!" "Be HAPPY!!" And she does the same. Here are her faces...



MAD (My personal favorite, but only when she's playing around)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Yesterday we went to have some pictures taken. Maternity photos. You know the ones I mean. They are sweet, artsy photos of the belly and it's family. We did them when I was pregnant with Miss A and they are quite lovely. The end result a three picture collage hangs in her bedroom.

This time it was decidedly more... difficult. I had visions of how wonderful it would be to have photos of the three of us and the belly. I was kicking myself afterwards for not preparing myself for what actually did happen. Because, after all, I know my child. It wasn't that long ago that we had this experience.

So yeah, Miss A was SO not interested in getting her picture taken despite every persuasion we could think of including putting stickers on the 'baby'. We managed to get two (TWO!) shots with her in them. And who knows if they'll be any good. We also took some with just Peter and I because, well, at least we were cooperating.

I'm sure they will be fine but I couldn't help being a bit disappointed. I hate it when situations arise and I find myself wishing that A could just be - different. (Like maybe, not climbing all over the photography props instead of posing with us for a few photos for pete's sake!!!) If only I could have just had Lynanne come over to take a few shots. I'm sure she would have been able to work miracles!

And then later when we were curled up on the couch together I felt guilty for ever wishing she was different. She wouldn't be her if she just posed nicely for the pictures. She'd be a totally different kid. And I love her, spunk and all.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Growing Girl and a Growing Mama

Hmmm. Not much to say really. Just some photos.

Thursday, May 08, 2008




Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Frequently Requested Beverages

A Smoofie or a Milkshape.

Monday, May 05, 2008


Remember our noisy neighbors? Well, I finally chatted with them. Well, the woman anyway. We simply got acquainted at first and then when I felt the time was right I explained that our bedroom windows were right by their driveway and the door that they use the most. The door that their inebriated guests stand outside to smoke and curse and be generally obnoxious. Okay, I didn't say THAT. I did say that when they sometimes had company we could hear them quite clearly speaking loudly late at night. She apologized and said she did try to remind their friends to keep it down.

All in all it was a pleasant and productive conversation. Since then there has only been one incident and it was totally tame and tolerable.

Today they have landscapers ripping apart their driveway and yard. I am excited that the space between our two homes will likely be much more attractive and even have my hopes up that they may also put up a nice fence. The existing one is small and rickety and also has nails poking out of it along our side of the yard.

I am thinking that we may be able to peacefully coexist after all. How nice.

Thursday, May 01, 2008


I should just start calling this 'Twilight Day' instead. Sigh. Enjoy!