Monday, September 17, 2007

Anniversary Bliss

Our weekend getaway went even smoother than we could have expected. We got away a bit earlier than expected. My brother dropped by with the car seat he borrowed already installed. We gave our kisses and hugs and "I love you's" and off they drove without a single tear from any of us. Okay, I might have been a bit misty.

We packed our cooler and luggage into the car and we were off. It was a gorgeous sunny fall day and we reminisced about our wedding day. How we couldn't believe it had been five years already and how it had been a bit warmer the day we were married. The hour drive passed quickly, almost too quickly. And before we knew it we were at our cabin.

It was nicer than I expected although I'd hoped it would be. Peter was pleasantly surprised. He thanked me for planning everything and "all my attention to detail". It reminded me of our honeymoon when we arrived at the cabin we rented and he was blown away by how nice everything was.

We had dinner reservations that evening. It was nice to enjoy a meal and not have to rush home for any reason. We had rented three movies to bring along with us. We watched the first 'Mr. Fix It' on our first night. TERRIBLE. It had a few redeeming qualities. We wished we could take the movie remove the crap and make it decent because it definitely had potential.

The next day we tried to sleep in... Weren't overly successful. We rented some fantastic bikes and went for a gorgeous ride on a trail right alongside the lake. It was beautiful.

We watched 'Borat' in the afternoon. I spent a good portion of it like this because I was so horrified.

We barbecued for supper and watched the remaining movie 'Zodiac' It was so long we didn't make it through without me falling asleep. We turned in and watched the rest during breakfast. And just like that the weekend was over, we had to start cleaning up, packing up and heading for home.

We had a lovely time. It was so nice to have some time alone together, to be able to do things at our own pace. To watch adult television. To go to bed and get up when we chose to. I think we mutually decided our almost ;) favorite part was sitting in the tub together reading for long periods of time. (For those of you who care I was re-reading this and he was reading this. How cool is that?!)

I have to admit as nice as it was to get away we were both really excited to see A. And we were relieved to find out she'd done brilliantly while we were away. She was happy to see us as well and seems to enjoy our presence now that we are back. We have one more week of holidays to spend together now until it's back to the usual grind. We'll make the most of it.


bon said...

Wow! What a great weekend!

I'm glad it went well, and I am also super glad that you have more vaca time together!

shoeaddict said...

Good for you! I'm reading New Moon, too. I just am ahving the hardest time getting into it!!!

elizasmom said...

Yay! Sounds like a wonderful weekend, and the scenery looks just gorgeous. And score that A did not freak out while you were gone AND was happy to see you when you came back. Mine usually only manages one of the above at best.

Elicia said...

Wow, that sounds fantastic!! Happy belated Anniversary.

Jenn said...

That looks like the most perfect way to spend a weekend together. The cabin does look really nice. I'm so glad you had a relaxing time. I'm also glad that Miss A was so good while you were away.
Now that you know how good she can be you'll have to do it again soon!!

JamieS said...

When are we gonna see some more 'Mama D Experiment'?
-Jamie S

ali said...

yay for you! i like the pic a the bottom.

Sugarmama said...

What a fantastic trip! You both look so relaxed and like you had such a good time together. It's lovely to make that time to remind yourselves of why you got married in the first place. I find that it's all too easy for regular daily life to sorta obscure that sometimes.