Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Party

I can't really believe I survived it. Not just the party but the first 2 years of A's life. Actually I can't believe either of us survived the night before her birthday.

Being the moron that I am I stayed up until 2:00 AM doing that crazy montage of pictures. I intended to write a heartwarming post to go with it but... that didn't happen. I hauled my butt to bed and at approximately 3:25 AM A was crying. I took care of thing and put her back to bed. More crying which I ignored for a while thinking that she'd fall asleep as per usual. Didn't happen. We tried rocking. She wanted no part of it. I put her back down. No dice. Finally we went and lay on the couch and I put on Baby Galileo. (Most excellent for dozing while your child sits quietly, mesmerized.) I put her back to bed when it was over. (5:30 AM) She began to cry again a few minutes later. I was exhausted. We both fell asleep soon after but Peter accidentally woke me up a while later and I realized that I was dreaming that she still wasn't sleeping. We did get a bit more sleep and then began the hectic day.

I as so grateful that Peter is on holidays with me. He helped so much when I was feeling overwhelmed by all the stuff I had to do. I actually feel pretty relaxed now. The Elmo cake turned out pretty well. Having a special cake pan made it pretty easy. I was really hoping A would see the cake and say "Oh! La La!" but she didn't have a chance since her cousins piped up too quickly informing her of who it was. Still, she seemed to appreciate him.

Last year we just had a small family get together. This year I invited a few of her friends. It made for a much bigger deal as well as so many presents. Lovely presents but a new job has been created for me. Packing away other toys to make room for new ones...


Nikkie said...

That is an adorable cake. I'm glad miss A liked it and had a good party. I'm still trying to find space for all of our birthday toys, and that was after putting old ones away. Good luck on that :)

mns said...

Awesome cake! Nice job. Looks like it was lots of fun.

Sugarmama said...

Bless you, I don't know if I could've made it through a toddler birthday party with that sort of night behind me. The cake looks fabulous, though! My little girl would be SO impressed.

this single spark said...

Agree with everyone else - the cake was not "pretty good", it was fantastic. Tasted good too!

And thanks for including the pic of her opening *my* gift. Ahhh... I feel like I suck at kids gifts, so I really appreciate it!

xo to you and A.

Lynanne said...

Love the cake!!!! Whoa, how can she be 2 already?! Happy belated b-day to her!

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