Tuesday, September 04, 2007

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Things have been a bit hairy around here lately so I'm feeling a little slack in the blogging department.

Peter sprained his ankle on Thursday. It was one of those great things that happen. I can only imagine. He was hurrying to get Miss A to the babysitter so he could be on time for his massage appointment (I know, I was shocked too) when he accidentally locked his keys in the house. That meant no car keys and no house keys. He thought fast and strapped A to her bike seat while he broke in through the window. Flawless plan. Except for the slipping part. And the falling part. And the twisting the ankle part. He was worried but brushed himself off and successfully broke in on his next try. He was able to walk (limp) on it and make it to the appointment after all. He also managed to work Friday although I'm not sure how. Good timing for a long weekend. I tried to nurse him back to health as much as I was able to.

And then there was yesterday. The day when I truly realized my daughter's potential to be a criminal. You see for the past few weeks I have been getting lazy with the measures I use to keep her in her pajamas. I have still been putting them on backwards but she had made no attempt to remove them for some time. I got into the habit of not bothering the extra precaution of safety pinning as well.


It was all a trick. A well planned scheme. A joke on me. For shame.

She was in her bed yesterday afternoon for the duration of her intended nap. Peter and I also dozed but I was well aware that she was not sleeping. This is becoming a regular occurrence lately much to my chagrin. When I finally went in to rescue her from the confines of her crib - OH THE HORROR. The nudity. the poo.

The best thing I can say is that everything was washable. And 45 minutes later the only trace of the incident was the faint odor in the air. Which I then killed with fresh air and air freshener.

I have pictures on file when I am need of the most evil blackmail material ever.

I have learned my lesson. Never. Trust. Again.

How can someone so cute be so... naughty?


bon said...


Gaping open in horror.


Squinched together in alarm.

Horror and alarm for the poo and escaping; sympathy for the black-n-blue ankle, and cleaner-upper of escapee and environs.

Kelli in the Mirror said...

Yes, what bon said! That is dreadful. I cringed at that picture, and then reading about the poo was bad also. What an... interesting weekend you had. I hope it is never duplicated again.