Thursday, January 21, 2010


Elizasmom passed along a blog award to me. This is awfully nice since I barely consider myself to be a blogger anymore what with all the slacking I've been doing. However...

The rules of this award state that I should list 5 random facts about myself, and then pass it forward to other awesome bloggers.

Very well...

1. I am the last child in a family of five kids. A large family when compared with most people my age. I was born 20 years after my oldest sister and 10 years after my brother who is the closest in age to me. I grew up being closer in age to my nieces and nephews than my siblings. It was kind of strange.

2. When I was in about grade four some friends and I won a lip syncing competition. The funny thing was we were all girls and performed "Fight for your Right" by the Beastie Boys. I had no idea who they were at the time and I think we knew the song from some kind of "Hits" compilation tape. Later I became a huge Beastie Boys fan.

3. I am a pretty athletic person, I have been described as hyper by many people. However I went through a very inactive period during high school which was set in motion by two horrible volleyball coaches who put me on their volleyball team only to cut me after one practice for not picking up game strategies. I am also a stubborn person. This experience made me swear off school sports for the duration of my high school years. (I did make an exception for soccer one year) In my opinion this was a big loss for the school and it was very rewarding to have those two teachers present during my first degree black belt test which I happened to be taking with a coworker of theirs.

4. I have always had very vivid, strange and sometimes horrible dreams. This is seemingly a thing that you can pass down to your children because Miss A suffers from the same thing. Or perhaps it is a coincidence.

5. I met my husband while still dating my high school sweetheart whom I was convinced I was going to marry. I still find it really cool that when I first met him I had absolutely no idea about all the amazing things we were going to do and share together.

And I pass this Kreativ Blogger award on to...

Total Mom Haircut

Life in Sandyland

I love both of these girls. They are both very creative, amazing and deserving.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

An Explanation Nonetheless

So. Turns out I am a terrible blogger these days. Can't seem to make it happen. I defend myself by explaining some of the major contributing factors to this. Miss A loves the computer, which in turn means it's not available for me to use. If I do manage to get on it Baby B climbs up with me preventing me from actually getting anything done or turns off the computer or switches off the powerbar all of which make me want to lose my mind with frustration so I tend to just avoid it. Baby B often doesn't go to bed until after 10:30. We've been watching Friday Night Lights. I play the Sims 3 during B's naps instead of writing posts. (Coincidentally, Sim B is much more cooperative than real B. Perhaps that is why I find such pleasure in playing that game.) That pretty much sums it up I think. Some of the excuses I think are quite good and others are rather lame. Ah well...

Here is an interesting discovery that I should have made ages ago. I was watching this video

the other day and it suddenly and strangely (because you can't really see him) occurred to me that Thom Yorke has ptosis just like Baby B. And in the same eye.

I have loved this man for years and have gushed many times about how adorable, what I describe as his squiffy eye, is. How did it take me so long to notice that my sweet baby shares this condition with one of my favorite musicians? It was/is an important discovery for me because somehow knowing this makes me more appreciative of it and less freaked out about it. I almost feel like I can embrace it now. I know this must sound idiotic but it's true. I guess it's knowing that although I noticed his eye when I first saw Thom Yorke in a Radiohead video and wondered why it was the way it was, it soon became yet another quirky thing I loved about him and it in fact made him even more attractive to me because of it. It makes me think that if B doesn't end up having surgery to correct this that it will be a thing that makes her unique and even if people do say things to her about it they will begin to accept it as part of what makes her who she is and that she will be loved regardless of any flaws visible or not.