Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What I'm Sick Of




Having sick kids that never get better






Being cooped up

Being tired

Only getting two hours of sleep at one time

Not being able to work out




Having a sore back



Being late

But I never get sick of these faces...

Friday, February 20, 2009

Experimenting With Language


Miss A is in the bathroom doin' her business. She has difficulty keeping the volume of her voice below 110 decibels, especially while her sister is sleeping. I foolishly leave her in the bathroom to wash her hands and she proceeds to talk to herself in a ridiculously loud voice. I rush to the bathroom and politely remind her to keep it down. She whispers "You're stupid." To which I am visibly horrified and say "Excuse me?" to which she replies "You're great." We have a discussion about how telling someone they are stupid is not acceptable and she tells me "You're wonderful."

Yeah. Right. I got it.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Monday, February 16, 2009

Little Baby Feet

That's Baby B's foot on the left and Miss A's on the right. (@ two months) So glad I did these.

I find it so hilarious that although I consider Miss A to be the 'most challenging' of the two girls, her foot is totally relaxed (she slept through the whole process) and B's is all toes curled up, not relaxed at all. (She woke up while we were doing it and I had to hold her foot there and distract her. AND we botched the first one we tried.) The same thing happened when I tried to do handprints for their baby books. Miss A's are all perfect and B's are smudgy. Sigh. Not indicative of their personalities at all.

*Edited to add that these are plaster replicas of their feet and not their actual feet. In case there was any confusion. I was informed this post is a bit creepy and I'm assuming that this is because it appears I've amputated a foot from each of them. Obviously (or perhaps not), this wasn't the case.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Oh Yes She Is

Crawling. Already. She's not even 7 months old yet. What is the rush? She's my last, I'm 99.9% positive. Why must she be in such a hurry to grow up?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Attempting Jedi Mind Control

I feel like I am losing my mind. What with the not getting more than two hours of sleep in a row (for days now), administering steroids, medication and an inhaler several times a day, listening to screaming while I get the bare minimum done, and being bossed around by a three year old who goes to her room several times a day declaring "I am MAD!!!" AND I'm actually just starting my work week today. Weee!!

I can however, count on Miss A to keep things interesting if nothing else. She has been trying Jedi mind control with me. This morning I'd put a Baby Einstein video on to try to CALM DOWN THE BABY! When I left the room for a few moments to, I don't know, GO TO THE BATHROOM WITHOUT BEING DISTURBED FOR ONCE, she came to tell me that she didn't break "anyfing". Ah ha. "What happened?" I asked. She had tried to rewind the movie and it crashed and went to the main menu. (blah, blah, our computer is our television, blah, blah.) Anyway, I fixed it. Later she was in her room playing and she called for my help. She had used one of her little chairs to climb into the crib but couldn't get out. "I'm not in here." she told me. "Um, dude, yes you are." "I'm not." she insisted.

Perhaps if she waved her hand in front of my face while saying it I would have bought it. I think I should be worried.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I'm Going to Pump...You Up!

Anyone recognize that old SNL reference? Wondering about it's relevance in this post? Basically, I'm trying to make light of a crappy situation.

Baby B has been sick for about three weeks. Whatever it is has morphed several times starting with a slight cold, runny nose and a bit of a cough to croup and now it's an ear infection and... well the doctor didn't say exactly. We'll say congested lungs. She vibrates when she breathes.

So, she's on antibiotics, a 'puffer' and wait for it... steroids. Awesome. My baby is on steroids. Only for three days but still. I was joking to Peter that she would be able to start doing chin ups with him downstairs.

In reality it's not funny at all. Miss A was never this sick as a baby. It's awful to try to get all of that medicine in her without her spitting it out or gagging. And keeping that mask on her face for an entire minute while I give her the puffer is torturous for both of us. And the poor thing hardly has a voice when she cries. My heart is a little bit broken.

I also admit to wondering if all this medication (steroids in particular) are really necessary. The trouble with walk in clinics is that you always see a different physician and every physician has a different opinion on how something should be treated. And with something like this we couldn't see our family physician because it would take to long to get in to see him, she'd have pneumonia by then. So I'm just trusting that this is the right course of action and I just want my baby to be well.

The funny thing is Miss A is done her medication today and I was looking forward to that because I found it a pain to remember to give it to her. At least she took it by herself and was all "Yum! It tastes like banana!". I should have known I wouldn't get off so easy. However, she is taking it all with a goofy baby grin on her face and hardly complains which actually breaks my heart even more.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Long Overdue

Wow. So I haven't written in a while. Things have been a little out of control around here lately. I have wanted to write plenty of times but it just never seemed to happen for various reasons. Sick kids. Procrastination. Sleep Deprivation. Depression. Not necessarily in that order.

The girls have both been sick. Miss A has an ear infection. I actually took her to the doctor because she'd been running a low grade fever for too long. I was surprised to find out about the ear infection because she hadn't really complained about her ear at all. After we found out I remembered her asking me once what was in her ear but I never caught on. Baby B has croup. So far it's been manageable, we haven't had to make any trips to emergency in the middle of the night or anything. Poor little girls.

The sleep deprivation I mentioned in self explanatory I think. And is of course, never improved by sick kids.

The depression is better now. It was basically due to work related issues. I wanted to blog about it SO badly because I felt it would be therapeutic but I was (am) terrified that my employer would somehow find out about it. The fact that he doesn't like computers or spend time on the internet makes this possibility less likely but I'm still nervous. I don't want to join the many people who have been fired for writing about their jobs on the internet. I'm only writing about it now because I feel it is somewhat resolved. I spoke to my boss about everything (embarrassingly, while bawling my eyes out) that had been bothering me and although it's obvious we really don't see eye to eye I was satisfied that he knew my side of things. Also, I could tell that seeing me so upset really bothered him and I suspect it may have made him consider the situation further after we'd talked. This week was much more pleasant work wise and I'm hoping the rough patch is over. The whole situation just had me thinking "What the heck am I doing this for anyway?"

And then the procrastination. Ha! Well, when I'm feeling like my life is out of control I like nothing better than playing this game and controlling the lives of the tiny little people I've created. When do I find the time you ask? After the kids go to bed, when Miss A is at school and Baby B is napping. That sort of thing. And now there's a new version coming out. Which likely won't help me with the procrastination bit. Oh well. But seriously. Watch the video. How cool is that?!

Watch the video