Monday, February 16, 2009

Little Baby Feet

That's Baby B's foot on the left and Miss A's on the right. (@ two months) So glad I did these.

I find it so hilarious that although I consider Miss A to be the 'most challenging' of the two girls, her foot is totally relaxed (she slept through the whole process) and B's is all toes curled up, not relaxed at all. (She woke up while we were doing it and I had to hold her foot there and distract her. AND we botched the first one we tried.) The same thing happened when I tried to do handprints for their baby books. Miss A's are all perfect and B's are smudgy. Sigh. Not indicative of their personalities at all.

*Edited to add that these are plaster replicas of their feet and not their actual feet. In case there was any confusion. I was informed this post is a bit creepy and I'm assuming that this is because it appears I've amputated a foot from each of them. Obviously (or perhaps not), this wasn't the case.


Sandy said...

Awwwww!!!! I SO wish I had done these for my boys! What an incredible keepsake!

beth - Total Mom Haircut said...

I wish I had done that too. I did nothing of the plaster variety - no belly, no feet, no hands, etc. So lame. I do think it's really funny that the laid back kid has the scrunchy toes:)

Lynanne said...

Such sweet little toes. I think it's awesome you captured them all curled up like that.

elizasmom said...

LOL on your addendum. Seriously LOL.