Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I'm Going to Pump...You Up!

Anyone recognize that old SNL reference? Wondering about it's relevance in this post? Basically, I'm trying to make light of a crappy situation.

Baby B has been sick for about three weeks. Whatever it is has morphed several times starting with a slight cold, runny nose and a bit of a cough to croup and now it's an ear infection and... well the doctor didn't say exactly. We'll say congested lungs. She vibrates when she breathes.

So, she's on antibiotics, a 'puffer' and wait for it... steroids. Awesome. My baby is on steroids. Only for three days but still. I was joking to Peter that she would be able to start doing chin ups with him downstairs.

In reality it's not funny at all. Miss A was never this sick as a baby. It's awful to try to get all of that medicine in her without her spitting it out or gagging. And keeping that mask on her face for an entire minute while I give her the puffer is torturous for both of us. And the poor thing hardly has a voice when she cries. My heart is a little bit broken.

I also admit to wondering if all this medication (steroids in particular) are really necessary. The trouble with walk in clinics is that you always see a different physician and every physician has a different opinion on how something should be treated. And with something like this we couldn't see our family physician because it would take to long to get in to see him, she'd have pneumonia by then. So I'm just trusting that this is the right course of action and I just want my baby to be well.

The funny thing is Miss A is done her medication today and I was looking forward to that because I found it a pain to remember to give it to her. At least she took it by herself and was all "Yum! It tastes like banana!". I should have known I wouldn't get off so easy. However, she is taking it all with a goofy baby grin on her face and hardly complains which actually breaks my heart even more.


bon said...

Steroids and a "puffer"? Yyyyeah... sounds like the treatment for RSV to me. The steroids make the swelling in her lungs and airways go down, thereby aiding her in getting the mucus out. Plus she needs that room to, y'know... breath.

It's going to be fine, is standard treatment, and as you say... ya don't want the pnuemonia.

That said, what you are going through just flat out SUCKS, and I am sorry. Bleah.

jen k said...

you'll probably find with baby #2 being, well, younger, her big sister is gonna bring home all sorts of lovely germs from school and such...not to be debbie downer, just trying to let you know this is normal...but i could totally see how that precious little smile could break your heart. Chin up Dawn!!!