Friday, February 20, 2009

Experimenting With Language


Miss A is in the bathroom doin' her business. She has difficulty keeping the volume of her voice below 110 decibels, especially while her sister is sleeping. I foolishly leave her in the bathroom to wash her hands and she proceeds to talk to herself in a ridiculously loud voice. I rush to the bathroom and politely remind her to keep it down. She whispers "You're stupid." To which I am visibly horrified and say "Excuse me?" to which she replies "You're great." We have a discussion about how telling someone they are stupid is not acceptable and she tells me "You're wonderful."

Yeah. Right. I got it.

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Dawnyel said...

Um...I wonder if they'll EVER get over the words they 8 year old says mean things, and hopes that saying something nice afterward will immediately make things better. *Sigh*