Monday, May 05, 2008


Remember our noisy neighbors? Well, I finally chatted with them. Well, the woman anyway. We simply got acquainted at first and then when I felt the time was right I explained that our bedroom windows were right by their driveway and the door that they use the most. The door that their inebriated guests stand outside to smoke and curse and be generally obnoxious. Okay, I didn't say THAT. I did say that when they sometimes had company we could hear them quite clearly speaking loudly late at night. She apologized and said she did try to remind their friends to keep it down.

All in all it was a pleasant and productive conversation. Since then there has only been one incident and it was totally tame and tolerable.

Today they have landscapers ripping apart their driveway and yard. I am excited that the space between our two homes will likely be much more attractive and even have my hopes up that they may also put up a nice fence. The existing one is small and rickety and also has nails poking out of it along our side of the yard.

I am thinking that we may be able to peacefully coexist after all. How nice.


bon said...

I am thinking that a tall, dense and sound barrier type hedge would be a nice addition as well. I tell you, it's an old rancher adage and it is SO TRUE...
"good fences make for good neighbors."

Sugarmama said...

Good for you for talking to them! Don't you hate it when grown-ups put you in these positions?

elizasmom said...

Yay! Glad things seem to be working out. I hope they do replace the fence. Sounds like it's time!

This reminds me of our neighbors when we were kids — they had a pool and my sister and I used to stand at the fence and look longingly at the pool while they were trying to relax. They finally approached our parents and said they hoped we didn't take it the wrong way but they were going to put up a tall fence because the gawking was driving them crazy. (only they said it nicer than that). My parents were just fine with that because THEY were going crazy trying to keep us from gawking in the first place. It all worked out for the best, and yes, they did still invite us over occasionally to go swimming.

shoeaddict said...

Oh, I feel your pain about noisy neighbors. We have some of those and they don't care about our feelings. I have called the cops and nothing stops these folks.