Thursday, August 31, 2006

Blink and You Miss It

I don't think I ever really thought about how much Baby A was going to change in a year. Or how quickly those changes would happen. When you first hold that tiny baby in your arms you know they are going to grow up but you really have no idea. On those long, long, LONG nights when they are crying for hours and there is seemingly no end in sight you never think things will be different. You think they will forever be this little, needy, helpless, lump. And next thing you know, they aren't.

I have 10 nieces and nephews and there is so much stuff that I never noticed. I wonder what I was doing. I never realized that babies go through developmental plateaus. They do the same things for what seems like a long time and then they will go through this learning/changing spurt when they start doing tons of new stuff. Baby A is going through a major one of these right now. It feels like she is morphing from a baby to a little girl right before my eyes.

There is the walking. Day by day she is taking more steps at once and taking them more confidently. The talking. Almost every day she'll mimic another word that someone says. It shocks me every time. Her hair is getting so much longer and thicker. I bought some tiny barrets for her today. I couldn't help myself. She is nursing less often. It's really only three to four times a day now. I'm still pumping in the morning but when I see how little milk there actually is I know the nursing is coming to an end. There is the way she plays with her toys. She really concentrates on what she's doing whether it is pressing buttons, playing with blocks or flipping through books. I can just see her little mind working away as she chatters to herself. I wish I knew what she was talking about.

Something that she has really started to enjoy lately is brushing her teeth with me. Whenever she sees me doing it she gets all excited and I know I have to get her toothbrush out as well. “Let's brush your tooth.” I'll say. She sits on the floor and watches me as I brush my teeth and she tries to move her toothbrush the same way. When it's time to put it away she always crys and gets really mad at me. I think she'd suck on that thing all day if I let her.

Anyway, I'm wondering when we'll hit the next plateau. It is hard to keep up with all this new exciting stuff she is doing. I am so behind with her baby book. First steps... Um... in August... sometime. Such a good Mama.


Jamie said...

Wow does Baby A ever look like you! So cute!
Avery loves to brush her teeth too, but she has 4.
Last night I was holding her as I brushed mine and she laughed and put her mouth up to the other side of the toothbrush (like she was kissing me). It was funny.
Lets hope they keep up the dental habits, right?
We are going through one of the periods when so much changes and they grow so fast. It is overwhelming and exciting all at once.
And of course, you are a wonderful Mama!

bon said...

Those BLUUUUE eyes are just mesmerising! Just wait... if you have another one it gets faster. You will find yourself saying over and over again, "it seemed like it took FOREVER for 1stBaby to get here, to wear that, to do that, etc..."

bon said...

I didn't even mention, but my WV was typokng... which I resent.

If anything I am a PRINCESS! The ty6po bit is true.

kate said...

OH MY she is CUTE cute.

Nikkie said...

I totally know what you mean. It seems just like yesterday then you blink, and its gone!

Dawnyel said...

So cute! I say as long as you know she's doing the things they have written in the baby're good! :)

Valarie said...

she is looking awfully grown up. You can always looked it up on your blog. You did post about her walking while on holidays.

Brony said...

Great photos.

Cherich every moment you can. My boys are 7 and 8, and I wonder where the years went.

When did they decide to become so independent.

Sugarmama said...

Very cute pictures! My little one enjoys a good bout with the toothbrush, too. Actually anyone's toothbrush will do, not just hers...

Jenn said...

I like the pictures!

Bon is right. Second child, time goes by even faster if you can believe it.