Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Let the Insanity Begin

Today is my first work day of the week. The first week since going back to work that I will be going in on Friday. The first time that Baby A will be staying with her sitter for seven hours. Am I nervous? Heck ya.

Know what else makes me nervous? Getting up early two mornings in a row! Thinking about it just makes me tired. I must have gotten lucky to have a baby that enjoys sleeping late. I've never been much of an early riser. I don't like to sleep the day away either. If I could I would get up at 9:00 am every day. It's the perfect time to get up whether it's summer or winter. And that also happens to be the approximate time that Miss A gets up in the morning. Unfortunately on the days when I work at 9:00 that just doesn't work.

Our usual Saturday morning routine is this. My alarm rings around 7:00 am. I sit up in bed and pump for 20-30 minutes. (it didn't used to take so long but my milk supply is dropping off) I take the milk to the fridge and make myself tea and breakfast. I wash my face (I usually try to save myself time by showering the night before) brush my teeth, apply my makeup and do my hair. (Sometimes it sucks to have a job where you need to look professional. I often wish I was a mechanic or a welder like Alex from 'Flashdance') If Peter gets up he'll usually get Baby A up, change her and bring her to me to feed. This ideally happens between 8:15 and 8:30 am. (It only takes me 10 minutes at the most to get to work) On these days I always feel rushed while she is nursing and I'm sure she can sense it. By 9:45 I usually strap her into her high chair and her Dada will feed her breakfast and on the Saturdays when he works, drive her to my sisters.

Things will be a little different on those Fridays. I will be driving her to the sitter, which although it is on the way to work, will take more time. This means I should probably get up at 6:30 am. Ugh. I'm hating it already. I should probably call the sitter this week to discuss details. I'm hoping that she'll feed her breakfast so that I don't have to wake her up even earlier so that I can nurse her and then feed her breakfast. I am pretty sure she has other kids that would be eating breakfast at that time anyway. If A doesn't have something of her own to eat when the other kids are she'll mooch or whine until someone gives her something.

Another thing I am dreading about this new schedule is that I will inevitably be late. Late getting ready. Late waking the baby. Late feeding the baby. Late dropping the baby off. And finally late getting to work. I'm not talking half an hour late here, I'm only talking about 5 minutes. But that is still late. I am certain that it wouldn't matter if I get up earlier, organized my time better or what have you. It is my Mama curse. I am doomed to forever be running behind. At least if I wasn't the type to be stressed about it that would be better. But alas, I do stress. And feel guilty. And wish I could just, for once, be on time.

If things just went smoothly and according to plan wouldn't life be delightfully boring?


kate said...

it WOULD be boring. and if there's anything we moms are good at it's schedules! good luck! i bet you are up to the challenge.

GiBee said...

You're already setting yourself up for failure... Think positive thoughts!!! You'll do just fine!!!

Dawnyel said...

I always freak out if I'm "late" too! It drives ME crazy! ICK! Good luck with the new adventure! You'll do just fine! :)

Nikkie said...

I think it would be pretty boring. But I understand being late, I hate it, and there is rarely a way to avoid it, especially with little ones!

bon said...

Yick... I hate being late! Therefore I make myself SICK getting places a few minutes early... totally stressing the whole way. Bleah. Add kids on top and I am one UNPLEASANT mama.

Jenn said...

Going in to unchartered territory is always stressful. I hope you'll find it's much more of a smoother transition than you're anticipating.
I think it's always harder on us moms than the kiddies. You're doing great!

Poopydigs said...

You know what, I was thinking the exact same thoughts this morning. Usually, Al does the morning routine (he works nights), so that I can take my time getting ready for work. However, he's in training for a month, which means I have to get her to the sitter each morning and make it into work before 8:30am. you know how hard that is...right? Gosh forbid she has a poopy right before we leave...then that throws us off another half an hour.

I'm on your side girl YOU CAN DO IT!

Valarie said...

good luck! I'm not sure what I would do if I had to be out of the house at a decent hour on a regular basis. I'm so not a morning person. 9AM wake-up is my ideal, too.