Monday, October 09, 2006

Well Done!

This is late and it's going to be quick.

Our winner of Say WHAT? this week is none other than the beautiful, the charming, the hilarious, BON from The Mama. I think it's fabulous that she won. It's been a while. And since she sent me this movie for my birthday I am forever indebted to her.

Okay, so Pretty in Pink. It's a shame I have to write this so quickly. This is right up there with my all time favorites. Love Molly Ringwald. Wanted to be her. Especially this character 'Andie'. I could totally relate to the fact that she was supposed to be poor. I say supposed to be because my version of poor doesn't include having an answering machine in my room and a really cool pink car. The car did have a dent in it though. Ha! Another issue I have with this movie. There is no way she had enough fabric to make her prom dress. I'm no seamstress but you can plainly see it would have been impossible. Prove me wrong.

James Spader was brilliant as the rich bleepity bleep bleep. He made me so mad I wanted to shave off all of that perfectly feathered blond hair. And here's another problem I had. If he was so in love with Andie, why didn't his best friend Blane know about this? Harry Dean Stanton also gives a great performance. He makes me cry in the scene when he admits that he can't stop loving Andy's mother even though she deserted them. This also reminds me of my own life although Harry is like my mother. And Annie Potts? The best performance ever.

So next time you watch this movie, and you know you're going to, watch Andy McCarthy's eyes go all bulgy when Andie is yelling at him in the hallway. When he tells her he forgot he'd already asked someone else to prom. It's funny and scary at the same time.

And then there is Duckie. Of course he is great, there is no doubt. It's funny because my husband tells me that he had wanted Andie to pick him instead of Blane. As much as I loved Duckie, I really wanted her to be with Blane. And hey, Duckie ended up with the future Vampire Slayer anyway so it was all good.

Come on, go dig out your Pretty in Pink VHS and pop it in. You won't regret it!


bon said...

I'll have to do some googlin'... but I'm pretty sure that the original script called for Andie to end up with the Duckman... but the chemistry with McCarthy was undeniable and they had to make the switch.

kate said...

i confess i bought this dvd at the drugstore a couple weeks ago. only to come home and be MORTIFIED that my husband had NEVER seen it.

needless to say i remedied that right away. and annoyed the crap out of him by reciting lines along with the actors.

who can resist, "i'm good in bed, should i be a whore?"

Jess said...

Pretty In Pink is AMAZING!

Funnily enough, I was GOOGLING PiP & found your blog :D Cool stuff