Sunday, October 29, 2006

So You Are Still Around

I have proof that The Big Fugr is still reading my blog. He won Say WHAT? I was gonna give it to Jenn for guessing 'Halloween' which was very close. I realized after picking that quote that likely the only person who would know it was 'Halloween III” would be The Big Fugr. And he's right, it was likely one of the worst horror movies ever to be made.

I specifically remember seeing this movie when I was approximately 13 years old. A friend and I watched it while I was visiting my dad. We thought it would be so exciting to watch a 'scary' movie. The trouble was this movie, it was not scary. Inappropriate for 13 year olds, yes. Scary, no. Until the end when Dr. Dan is on the phone screaming “Turn it off! Stop it! Stop it!” and I found myself screaming right along with him. Boy did I feel stupid when the credits started rolling. That's right, you never got to know. Did they stop it? Or did the masks with the Stonehenge computer chip thing-a-ma bobbers in them make their heads dissolve? Who knows? I'll never know. And I'll never get those 96 minutes back. Never.

Anyway, I hope you all have a lovely and safe Halloween this week. And make sure any masks you might be wearing don't haven't been tampered with by some crazy madman.


The Big FUGR said...

Yup, still here. I haven't gotten to the last few "Say Whats" in time so I didn't bother posting. I do still read on a regular basis. I'm working again though and the band has gotrten busier so my computer time has been cut down. I'm still here though. We really NEED to get together soon. L and I miss you guys!

bon said...

Congrats Mr. Fugr!