Sunday, October 01, 2006

That's The One

A shout out to Kelli in the Mirror from Holding the Mirror up to My Soul for winning Say WHAT? this week by correctly identifying my quote from “Say Anything”. I've been meaning to use a quote from this movie for a long time but I was saving it. Why? Because it's special.

That's right. I finally used a quote from the movie that was essentially my inspiration for this game. The movie from which a photo is used each and every week for Say WHAT? This movie that gave me higher expectations of guys in general and especially any guys that I chose to date. Frankly, it helped shape the person I am today.

Am I giving an 80's flick too much credit? Maybe. Maybe not. At the very least I hope to inspire anyone who hasn't seen it to do so.

Why do I love it so much? Why is it so great? Basically it all comes down to two words. Lloyd. Dobler. This character may be the single best male character (without question THEE best TEEN male character) ever written. He has everything a girl wants in a guy. Brains, brawn, personality, sensitivity and he's freakin' gorgeous. Totally well rounded. He's so great there is a band named after him.

Let me tell you about some of my favorite things about Lloyd's character. He kickboxes. He sticks up for his best friend and tries to protect her from the scumbag who keeps messing with her head. He asks the girl he has a crush on out on a date even though 'she is out of his league'. Even though he is absolutely nuts about this girl, at the party they go to he gives her space to do her own thing. He agrees to drive a very drunk and most likely stinky guy home from the party killing any possibility of romance with his date. He teaches girlfriend how to drive her car which has a standard transmission. He plays guitar. He is an awesome uncle. Being intimate with his girlfriend means so much to him that he begins to shiver uncontrollably because 'he's happy.' (Let me just say that this scene when they are in his car by the ocean and “In your Eyes” is playing in the background... and the part with him shivering, wow. In high school, my friend and I cried like babies watching that scene. We didn't think we'd ever find a guy so sweet.) Even after his girlfriend breaks up with him he won't say anything bad about her. When she wants to get back together and really needs him, he's there. He is nice to her father even though he doesn't deserve it.

Hmmm. Something about this movie turns me into a gushing teenager again. I'm linking trailers and putting up this video. I dare anyone who has never heard of this movie or seen it to watch these trailers and not feel compelled to go rent it. I dare you. Consider yourself dared.

So this movie. It taught me that I didn't have to settle for some jerk. Some guy who'd rather hang out with his friends than me. A guy who had an enormous ego. That I could expect the person I chose to be with to care about what I had to say and who I was. Someone who'd be there for me no matter what. Lloyd Dobler was my ideal man for a long time.

Until I met the real thing. And then I married him. And we both have Lloyd Dobler to thank for that.


Jenn said...

I will admit, I have never seen Say Anything. After your wonderful review I think I will have to rent it one of these days. I liked the video you put together. The end of it was great.."I'm Lloyd Dobler". :)

Mama D said...

Just to be clear, I didn't put that video together. I just found it and the others on YouTube. I can't take credit.

Kelli in the Mirror said...

Jenn, you must immediately run to the nearest video store. Not just one of these days. Now. While Lex is sleeping and LeeLee is at school. This week. You must watch it.

Dawnyel said...

I know I'd mentioned earlier this week that I'd started to watch Say Anything, but did you have to put up the quote so quickly!? I haven't had time to rent the thing yet!!
I did manage to watch the party scene...and right before when he called that girl and asked her I did get SOME of what you said. I hope they play it on tv again soon! I don't think I can get out to the video store anytime soon! ARGH!

bon said...

Sigh! Feeling just a little weepish after that... "and then you married him."

I too, love that movie. It came out while I was going to college, I did not see it. I was way too cool and alternative to do anything so very mainstream as see a chickflik. Silly me. I finally saw it about a month before I met Dadguy. Coincidence? Perhaps- but Dadguy is MY Llyod Dobler.