Thursday, October 05, 2006

What's For Dinner?

Since I got married just over four years ago I think I have become quite a good house wife. Not that it was my goal, I think it just comes naturally. I like my home (which was an apartment for the first year of marriage) to be clean, I don't mind doing laundry, I have no problem buying groceries. I also found time to work, train and teach TaeKwon Do and go to the gym. What I never really enjoyed doing was cooking. Not only that but my schedule allowed me to get out of doing it very often. I wasn't home any earlier than 8:00 Monday through Thursday. I was either training, teaching or working. So the few days I was home it wasn't too hard to come up with something to cook. Pasta, Tacos, Soup. Something easy.

Since I spent so much of my pregnancy feeling horribly ill I certainly was in no condition to be cooking. My darling husband often made something for us while I lay in bed cuddling with my bucket. So you see, I've gotten off easy in the cooking department thus far.

Now that Miss A is eating more and more table food I feel the need to improve not only my cooking abilities but also how to be more organized in regards to what I'm cooking. For two weeks now I have made up a menu plan, bought the groceries I require for these meals and carried out the plan. This is especially difficult on Wednesday and Thursday when I am not here for supper. Wednesday usually ends up being a crockpot meal and Thursday is a leftovers night. Last week my crockpot meal was apparently so good Peter considered calling me at work to tell me how delicious it was.

I'm catching on to this cooking thing. I'm trying not to be too discouraged if things don't turn out as well as I'd hoped. The fact that Miss A seems to enjoy everything and anything I give her is very helpful. I'm sure this will not last forever so I am taking advantage of it now. Soon it will be “That's yucky Mama.” or “I don't like it.” Then we'll see how much fun cooking will really be.

We eat mostly chicken and fish. I'm throwing this request out to all of you. Even my lurkers. (Yeah you!) If any of you have EASY recipes (especially crockpot ones) would you email them to me at crazy_d_AT mts DOT com. I will be eternally grateful to any contributers to the 'Let's Make Mama D a Better Cook' campaign. I'll keep you all updated. I have a weakness for photographing food. In the meantime here is what we are having for dinner tonight.


Jenn said...

Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom started Slow Cooking Thursdays. She posts a slow cooker recipe every Thursday and so do a bunch of other people and they link to her so there's a nice little list of recipes at her blog. I'm very excited about it because I too want to get in to using my slow cooker more often. If you haven't been to her blog her link is on my sidebar, take a peek!

bon said...

Bah. I used to think cooking was ok... but you really do loose the love when every one around you thinks what you cook sux. LaLa is the only one around here who will eat with me, but there are a few meals that we all agree on. They are rarely very healthy the way certain folks here choose to eat 'em, but here is one Chaos option...

Chips and Spicy Cheese

*Bag of tortilla chips

*Bottle of Ragu Double Cheddar Cheese
(this is just liquid cheese)

*Small can of pickled jalapeno (sliced, diced whatever you like)

*ground beef spiced up with either a pack of Taco Seasoning or your own blend. I like red Chili powder, Cumin, fresh garlic and onion sauteed together

*can of cooked black beans(better for ya than refried)
*sour cream

Heat up cheese and add the juice of the jalapenos to taste(otherwise it is disgustingly bland), Cook meat, chop up any veggies and whatever your family will eat, is in season, or that you just have on hand.
Put the lot of it out in seperate bowls and let the masses pick and choose to their picky and choosy hearts content. I won't even horrify you with the vile permutations that the Chaos household it witness to.

The End

this single spark said...

We've got a cute little book in the library called "What to Feed Your Baby." It goes up to two years and has lots of recipes. Want it? Send your husband my way!

Dawnyel said...

I'm such a lazy, bad don't want my advice! I'll give you my easy peasy stand-bys tho!
Your dinner looks delectable! :D

Brony said...

Boy I am so far from being the ideal homemaker. I really wish it came naturally to me, but it sure doesn't.

The Five Ingrident Friday (hosted by Overwhelmed with Joy) is also really good.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

I just made the white chicken chili that I LOVE (recipe is on my blog here:

It's SO delicious and SO EASY!)

beth said...

Just thought I'd let you know this post inspired me to go out and buy a crock pot today. Did you get any good sounding recipes from people - I think my mom sent you one. Will you forward me a few? I don't even know how to use this thing.