Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Sorry to report that the YouTube of our television appearance isn't ready yet. I'd say tomorrow but I think it would be safer to say Tuesday.

It turned out to be a little more difficult to edit than we hoped. The host says our names several times and there is also a caption at the bottom for a portion of the interview that has our names on it as well. In the interest of being somewhat anonymous these things must be edited out.

We didn't get a chance to begin the editing process until after 10 pm and by 11 ish we hadn't really gotten very far. (I say we, but I basically just sat there and watched) We run Linux and use Cinelerra for video editing. Since having Miss A we have been doing a lot more video editing. We are getting a lot better at it but when it's getting late and things aren't going right... we run out of patience and decide we better just stop.

Oh well. The delay just builds up the anticipation. Right?

For now how about a picture to tide you over. If it had a caption it would say:

"But Mama!! I want to play in the toilet!!"


Dawnyel said...

I'm waiting patiently for the YouTube, but that pic!! PRICELESS! :)

Nikkie said...

My little guy has been nutso about trying to play with the toilet too! It must be a one year old thing!

bon said...

Holy cow, is that her TOOTH? It's HUGE!

I should send you pictures of the "sniffy faces" my kids do. The last set of beauties really reminded me of them. They squnch their faces up and snort through their noses in and out loudly and briskly. Endearing.

this single spark said...

Ooooo! Save that picture for when she starts dating!!

How was the interview, by the way? Or are you going to make us wait and see for ourselves?