Monday, October 23, 2006

Who Woulda Thunk?

In those first couple of months after bringing Miss A home from the hospital I'm sure I thought I would never get a decent nights sleep again. I would like to be able to say that the joy of becoming a mother made the lack of sleep bearable. But I can't. I was miserable. I was depressed. I was exhausted.

If I had been able to see into the future to the present day, perhaps I would have had hope. My darling daughter has started doing the most delightful thing. When it is getting close to bed time she goes and gets her pajamas and her blanket and brings them to us. She actually realizes that she is getting tired and wants to get ready for bed.

Let's all take a moment to do a happy dance. Happy Dance, happy dance, come on do the happy dance.

Seriously. And not only does she get her jammies and blanket, but after I nurse her and put her in her crib – awake – she rolls onto her side and begins sucking her thumb. I cover her with her blanket, tell her I love her, shut off the light and close the door. And 8 times out of ten she doesn't cry and just goes to sleep!

Now I realize that discussing Miss A's ability to do this while some of my fellow Mamas out there are not so fortunate is grounds for burning me at the stake, but please know that I am not bragging. I am merely trying to offer hope. To let you know that one day this could be you. I wouldn't have believed it either. I'm sure that when the day comes when we transition to a toddler bed she will constantly be getting out of it asking for a snack, a drink of water, a cuddle. My tune won't be so care free then. I won't be doing this same happy dance then. And you may go ahead and laugh at me when that day comes.

*Let me also add that she is teething and has actually been getting up in the night and sometimes throwing up on me. So don't be too angry with me...


Nikkie said...

I'm not angry at all! I'm happy for you! My little guy has been going to bed like that for quite awhile, and it is really nice. I'll actually be sad when its time to transition to a toddler bed. That means no more laying in bed while someone plays in his crib.

Valarie said...

That is great for you. Really, I mean that. Sadly, since my poor sleeper is nearly twice Miss A's age, the only hope it gives me is that we have a shot at that with this next one.

Jenn said...

I'll happy dance with you!

Jenn said...

It is great! Lucas is a pretty good sleeper as well. He doesn't bring me his pajamas, but that may happen at some point. Enjoy the good times!


bon said...

Happy to YOU!

I think we may be on our way with this last one... and our worst sleeper EVER, Birdie, at 4 YO rocks the sleeping thing too.
the score at the end of the day?
Sleep Nazi- 3
Squirrel Girls- 0

beth said...

Burn her! Burn her! Burn her! Heh. Just kidding. It gives me hope, an inkling at least.