Sunday, September 10, 2006

Happy to Make Fridays More Fun

Have I mentioned lately how much I love hosting this game? I love movies, especially 80's movies. I love finding quotes to use every week, rediscovering movies that I love and researching them. I also love when people who I have never read win my game and then I get to check out a new blog. This is the second week in a row that this has happened! Cool. I'm out there, making Fridays more fun with a game! Yay me!

So this weeks winner is Kel from Mama? MAMA COME HERE! I love her blog design, her writing and I really love the shoes in her profile picture. Tell me Kel, are those your feet? And if they are then the answer to my next question – Are those your shoes? - would be, yes. Those are some nice feet and some cute shoes. I took a picture of my feet and shoes. Not quite so feminine and cute. Anyway, I'm off topic.

The quote was indeed from 'Willow'. Not an obvious 80's movie as it was made in the 80's but not set in the 80's. I had decided I wanted to pick a Science Fiction movie this week. I wouldn't really call this one Science Fiction but once I found 'Willow' I couldn't let it go. I loved this movie. I loved Willow and his village and his cute and tiny children. I loved his wife who cut off her long, long braid and gave it to him before he went away for 'good luck'. And the baby, that red headed baby. Elora Danan. I loved her. Elora. Hmmm. I like that name. Maybe if I have another girl someday...

Val Kilmer was pretty much the most famous actor in this film. Even though his character was cruel, rude and insufferable I still found him strangely attractive. I'm glad that my real life taste in men doesn't mirror the taste I have for the characters in movies that I sometimes find attractive... David Aames, Thin Man, and perhaps the most disturbing (and the one I'm most uncomfortable to admit) Hannibal Lecter. I know, I know. Don't ask because I don't know. If anyone else would like to make me feel better and fess up to having felt the same way, feel free.

So anyway, I am full of love today. I love you all and my gift to you each Friday is Say WHAT? I hope that you enjoy playing and that it gives you something to look forward to at the end of the week. Other than all the many other things that the weekend brings. For me the weekend brings: Work (unfortunately), Peter time, free time, possibly a nap and waffles.

Oh and writing this.


bon said...

mmmm... the cop character played by David Morse in Indian Runner... but then, I'm a Morse-a-phile. My Morse jones began at this movie though, right after my divorce from my skeeze 1st husband. If you ever watch it... there is a scene where the main character played by Viggo Mortenson starts spitting peas at his wife played by Patricia Arquette. This scene summed up my whole crappy marriage in my mind at the time, and the goodguy brother played by Morse became my "ideal guy."

I would be curious to go back and see if I feel the same about the film and the characters.

Another guilty pleasure? Keanu Reeves in Speed.... I don't care for skinny Keanu, but buffed up? Ooo La La!

Sugarmama said...
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Sugarmama said...

Well, I'm always a fan of whatever Harvey Keitel happens to be in. Yes, Harvey Keitel! My husband loves to make fun of me for that...

bon said...

Probably my oddest crushie is Forrest Whitaker... I can't help it, he just looks so squishable and sweet, but manly at the same time.

Kel said...

Alas, no they aren't my feet. The shoes either. I really do like them though so if I should spot a pair that are similar...they are sooo mine.

I'm like you I'm not nearly so feminine either...I'm too busy hanging out with the boys to be girlie. LOL

I had fun playing and I was just happy I knew the movie. :)

Jenn said...

I always look forward to playing Say What on Fridays. I do need to bone up on my 80's movies though.

eL. said...

My mum named me after Elora Danan from Willow!
Except she changed the spelling to Elaura.. wish she hadnt :/

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