Monday, September 25, 2006

New Beginnings

Today is the day I get to tell you all some exciting news. It's news I've been sitting on for some time now. I guess I didn't think it was appropriate to say anything until now. This all sounds very dramatic. And as I'm writing it I realize that I may have you all thinking that I'm expecting again. But, no. This is not that kind of exciting news.

My darling husband is starting a new job today. A great job. At least on paper it looks great. It all started during our holidays back in August. A job was advertised in the paper and Papa D's dad called to tell us about it. The position is in the IT department at a large government facility (sorry to be vague). He decided that he might at well apply. We had been wanting to update his resume during our holidays anyway. Our lovely friend The Single Spark had a look over it one evening when she was over. She made an ordinary cover letter and resume seem extra ordinary. We want to have her over for a 'thank you' dinner. Without her help and advice I'm not sure he would have gotten the interview. A resume is mighty important.

He did get an interview (obviously) and afterwards when I asked him how it went he thought it had gone “Okay”. He really enjoyed the tour and seeing all the expensive equipment, cabling and computer whatsits. Nice to see how things can look when the budget allows for it to be done properly.

So then we waited. And he thought. We wasn't convinced he would take the job if it was offered. My part was wife in a supporting role so I told him I was fine with whatever he decided and I just wanted him to be happy. He was told he would likely hear back from them by the end of the week. The end of the week came and then it was the long weekend. We figured that it wasn't meant to be. On Tuesday we were both still holding out a little hope but by the time he arrived home from work and hadn't heard anything we were convinced that he hadn't got the job. Then the phone rang. It was his future boss calling to offer him the job. They spent a long time on the phone while I sat beside him trying to guess what they were saying. Basically he was given a lot more information about the job and it sounded so good that he couldn't turn it down.

He felt terrible to leave his other position. He is such a loyal person and he felt like he was letting his boss and coworkers down. He had two and a half weeks left of work and during that time he worked his butt off trying to make things as easy as possible for everyone when he would be gone. Everyone was pretty understanding.

So today is the first day. It's an orientation specific to the place he'll be working and their procedures and not his actual job. Tomorrow I think he'll actually start training for his position. It is all very exciting/scary/unbelievable. I am so proud of him for getting this job. He is so smart and modest and hardworking. He deserves to have a great job that he really enjoys. I hope that once he really gets into it that he loves it and is so happy that he was brave enough to take a chance.


this single spark said...

First, I think you are giving me too much credit. It's true I mucked around with his resume, but the merits are all his. Will still take you up on that dinner invitation though!
Second, I had a vested interest in having your hubby get that job as I too work at that vague government facility. Just looking for a coffee buddy!
Hope his first day is really good and the job turns into a really fulfilling and interesting position. Hurray!

Elicia said...

Yippee! That's fantastic news!

bon said...

Yay for Papa D! Way to get out there and ROCK the job market.

Nikkie said...

Boo's Daddy told me about it a little while ago! I'm so excited for him! You wanna know what is just too hysterical? They're both at the same orientation. Boo's daddy got a job in a different department at the same facility but apparently they both do the same orientation. Or at least thats what he said!

Sugarmama said...

I thought for sure you were pregnant again during that first paragraph!

Congratulations to your husband! I hope he transitions to the new job smoothly and with minimal stress.

LynAnne said...


How wonderful and exciting! I'm so happy for your both!

Dawnyel said...

How EXCITING!! I love it when husbands get the jobs they've longed for! I hope that Papa D (love that name for him!) enjoys it and succeeds! (Which, no doubt, he WILL!) :)

Jenn said...

You're right! You had me holding my breath that you had baby news and I was wondering how you kept it so quiet!! And with volleyball! Anyways, I'm very excited for yous guys. I hope the first couple of days went well.