Sunday, September 24, 2006


A new week, a new winner. Well, an old winner. I mean, not 'old' but a previous winner. Whatever.

Jay from And then there were four is our winner of Say WHAT? The quote this week was from “Uncle Buck”. It is yet another movie by John Hughes, one of the greatest Directors/Writer of all time. If you check out the link you'll find he was really on a role until about “Home Alone 2”. Ah well. When you've made that many great movies to begin with, you can be forgiven for so many terrible sequels.

"Uncle Buck" is the perfect example of why John Hughes is a genius. It has everything. Comedy, Drama and moments that are just plain heartwarming. Buck was the kind of Uncle we all wish we'd had. The kind of guy who'd be there for you no matter what and really understood you. Sure he had some bad habits but his heart was in the right place and that's what mattered most!

I liked Tia the teenage daughter with attitude. She had some great lines. I know I was supposed to be annoyed by her but I couldn't help thinking she was kind of cool. Of course now that I'm a parent rather than a teenager myself her performance would very likely make me cringe. Oh, how I dread the teenage rebellion stage that I have to look forward to in about 12 years. I think it actually starts at about 10 years old these days so actually I only have about nine years to go. Sigh.

And John Candy, may he rest in peace. Love that man. He was kind, he was smart, he was hilarious. And proud to be Canadian. His death was a great lost to the movie making industry and the world.

See you all next week for another Say WHAT?

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Dawnyel said...

I actually was flipping through the channels once and happened upon this show...if only for a brief moment...AND to my shock I saw one of the moms from my new favorite show: Yes, Dear! Kinda fun!
OH, and I was flipping thru my channels last night and saw part of "Say Anything!" HOLY COW! Never seen the WHOLE thing, but I may have to now...I would have stayed awake to watch the whole thing, but geez, it was on at ONE in the morning! I opted for sleep...sorry!