Thursday, May 10, 2007


I can't WAIT for this freakin' show to start again. May 24th... If you haven't watched it... you're crazy! And also, you should start this year. It is the best show on television. Especially if you ever wanted to be a Solid Gold Dancer. If you did you'll go nuts for this show. I think the following is my favorite dance from last year. Must be the stylist in me... I dig the hair, the makeup and of course - the DANCING!


Sugarmama said...

That's funny, I forgot all about the Solid Gold dancers, but I SO wanted to be one when I was a kid! And then the Fly Girls came along, and I wanted to be one, too, though I suspect I was too old to be dreaming about such possibilities by then. What show were the Fly Girls on, anyway...?

Jenn said...

That was kinda cool. I'm guessing they were supposed to be dancing zombies? I didn't really get in to that show too much but I do like to watch dancing.

Beth said...

Yep - we saw the preview for the new season last night and got totally excited. I still think that little guy should have beaten Benji last year though...not that I cared enough to actually vote, just enough to complain.