Monday, May 28, 2007

Our House... in the middle of our street (Part Two)

Here are a few more pictures of my house. It is only slightly less clean now than it was when these photos were taken. I'm trying to stay on top of it.

A view of the bathroom. It is small and difficult to photograph. I would like to gut this bathroom and start over. And then attack the kitchen.

Our bedroom. I love this bed. It has taken a beating in the five years we've had it. Oh. Gee. That sounds really bad. I MEAN it's been moved a couple of times and has some deep scratches in the wood. I still love it though. I only wish we'd bought the matching dresser. We didn't think we could afford it. We had no idea what broke was back then...

Our living room. Notice the many, many babies by the fireplace. And the computer armoire. Where the magic happens.

And the kitchen. It doesn't look so bad in the pictures but believe me it is functionally challenged.

For the proper house tour go here.


bon said...

Still snickering about your poor bed...

I am inspired, I should do this in my house! That is, if I ever GO home. Or clean it. Whatever.

Lynanne said...

You have a beautifully decorated house. Thank you for sharing with us! I wish I was brave enough to do the same. :)