Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Our House... in the middle of our street

So part of the motivation for my cleaning spree is that I wanted to take pictures of our house. For posterity and also to give you all a tour of sorts. But see, then I broke the camera and well... I've been having nothing but trouble completing this project. My darling husband actually fixed the camera last night. Bless his heart. He reconsidered on the buying of a bigger and better one. That is simply to expensive for us right now, which was why I was so shocked to see his comment! I took the remaining pictures this morning and now for some reason am having trouble uploading them to our computer. So this post shall be – Part One.

I'll post a few pictures here but what you really should do is go here to see all the different angles of the room and get the full tour. Don't you want to come to my house?

Another disclaimer. My house NEVER looks this clean and tidy. I try, but it just doesn't. That is another reason I took the photos. To remind myself of what it could look like and hopefully will again some day.

This is our front entrance. I love the door. And that is about it. This area was once a porch and they 'transformed' it into a front entrance area with ugly closets and poorly done dry walling. I don't think it's properly insulated either. And that window is drafty. (Wow! I didn't mean for this to be a complain about my house post...) Notice the shoes all lined up. Not like that anymore.

If you came in our front door the first thing you see is our dining room. This was what sold me our house the moment I stepped in the door. The hardwood and wood work, beautiful. It's a bit cluttered now with a piano and everything but I still love it.

Our hallway. Just off the dining room and also the kitchen. That's my second degree black belt certificate hanging on the wall. Hang a left to A's room.

A's room. I still love that color even after almost 2 years of looking at it. I love her furniture too. Even though she's chewed the crib... little beaver. You can't tell from the picture but the plain wall has textured wallpaper on it with small squares on it. It works with the gingham curtains and blanket.

That's all for now. Stop by next week for Part Two!


Sugarmama said...

Love the picture rail in your dining room, plus the fact that your hallway is painted! And I like A's room color, too. My little girl's room is painted aqua and it always cheers me up to see it.

bon said...

I'm totally coming over to hang out in my dreams! I LOVE your house.