Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Where Does The Time Go?

What is it about children that just make time disappear? Don't answer that. I know, I know. But it's not fair. There is always so much to be done and never any time to do anything...

This morning my mom helped me out by looking after A while I did a bunch of tedious running in and out of places kind of errands. You know the ones where you'd have the kid in and out of the car seat like, fifty times. And by the fifth time they'd be screaming and fighting being buckled back in. I ran to the vet's to get a case of food for our cat, to City Hall to check on getting funding for putting up a fence in our yard, to the bank, to the grocery store, to WalMart to buy my mom a microwave on behalf of all her kids for Mother's Day. (While there I also found a tankini bathing suit which actually fits!!! Yay! And three cute flowy skirts and two shirts for me!)

While I sit here writing this Miss A is frolicking in her crib singing songs and what sounds from here like she's practicing her gymnastic floor routine. She SHOULD be sleeping. But I'm fairly certain that won't be happening. Thankfully I do believe I'll be done work on time tonight and therefore will be home in good time to put the exhausted little monkey to bed.

Perhaps I'll post some pictures of myself in all my cute new and affordable skirts. I am loving the flowy skirts right now. If only I had a little color on the legs. Currently they are as white as a fishes belly! I don't really care it's just they are a little blinding...

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