Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Good and Bad

Good – This awesome temporary shade I purchased for Miss A's room seems to be helping her to sleep better. As in, not get up at 5:00 AM angry because the sun in shining into her room and waking her up.

Bad – My jaw/head/neck has been aching since Friday. A side effect from the wisdom teeth removal. I thought I wouldn't have to be taking drugs anymore. No such luck. I wanted to go to the gym this morning but I thought it would just make my head pound more.

Good – There has been a language explosion happening here. A has started using some humorous expressions. “Oh Boy!” “Oh My!” “Uh Oh!” and my favorite which I have yet to hear “Holy Moley!” (I say that one.) Also “Please” (Pronounced Peas) is music to my ears.

Bad – She seems to be teething again. Complete with runny/stuffy/snotty nose, chewing anything and everything and a generally HORRIBLE demeanor. She is not a kid I enjoy taking out in public at present. Unfortunately never going out is not an option. Swimming lessons tonight should be good times...

– I spring cleaned my entire house this weekend. I still have no idea how I was able to do it. I haven't been able to clean this much at one time since before Miss A was born. It feels amazing to have everything clean at once. My OCD is kicking in though and I'm picking invisible specks of dirt up off the floor.

Bad – It has been raining since Friday. That means we have pretty much been cooped up in the house. No walks, no playground, no yard work. Nothing. Ugh. We all need to get some fresh air.

More Bad – I broke our digital camera. Peter if you read this before I get a chance to tell you, I'm sorry. I feel just shitty about it. It was a gift. I'm not sure if it is going to be worth it to fix it. I suck.


Anonymous said...

hey sweetie don't sweat it, we can get a better one!

papa d

Nikkie said...

I totally hear you about the rain. Its driving my little guy just right insane. I hope A's teething doesn't last too much longer. Its so hard when they act like that because they hurt.

Lynanne said...

It was time to replace the camera anyhow. ;) Tell your dh that the camera's last dying words were "oh please replace me with a Nikon D40!"

Seriously though, I know it's sad to break something expensive but technology changes so quickly that I'm sure you will appreciate the quality of photos you get from a new camera even if this isn't how you would have chosen to get one. Your photos of A. will be memories to last a lifetime. It's totally worth it to get better quality photos.

I feel for you on the teething. As for cleaning - how far from me do you live again? My house could use a good spring cleaning! :P

Hope the jaw starts feeling better soon. You might want to call if it doesn't get better (don't Google "dry socket" in the meantime - really. no-no. don't touch! oops..too many conversations with my almost 20 month old lately)

Jenn said...

What a great husband you have!
Amongst all the "bad" I'm glad that there's lots of good going on. I bet A is so cute saying all those new words.

Jenny said...

I just love the phrases your little one is saying! I bet it is so cute to hear that. Sorry about the camera--hopefully you can get a new and improved model?

bon said...

Mama D, you and Peter just made my day, and it has been a tough one!