Monday, May 14, 2007


Tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM sharp I will be sitting in the dentist's chair having two of my (bottom) wisdom teeth extracted. They are through the gums but badly impacted. This is a picture that I found on the internet that pretty much looks like my x-rays did.

I have needed to have them out for a number of years but haven't been able to afford it until now because now we have insurance. Hallelujah!

The procedure was explained to me. I will only be frozen, they will break/drill the tops of both teeth off and then they will have the room to pull them out. Of course I stupidly asked some of my clients to tell me their wisdom teeth removal stories. Some were good, some were bad, some were very bad. The general consensus was that most people are knocked out or given a drug that basically knocks them out. I am slightly concerned that I am not being given these drugs. I'm wondering why it is that I am only being frozen. I guess as long as everything goes well the freezing will be enough. Cross your fingers for me.

I can't say I'm looking forward to it. I am relieved to be having it done. I am glad that the day is almost here so that I don't have to think about getting it done anymore. It will be nice not to have irritated gums anymore. It will also be a relief to not have to worry about my teeth crowding any further because of them.

Needless to say I'm not sure how I will be feeling and thus I'm not sure how much I'll be writing this coming week. I am supposed to be working the following day. I hope I can speak normally, don't look like a chipmunk and don't look like I've have the crap beaten out of me. However, regardless of how horrible I look (or not) I will take pictures to share with all y'all. I know. You can't wait.


Jenn said...

I had mine out but I was a wimp and was put right out for it. You're a tough cookie, you'll do great!

Let me know if you need anything this week.

elizasmom said...

By frozen, I assume you mean local anesthesia? I can tell you from experience it's not that bad. I had 6 (yes, I am a freak) wisdom teeth removed that way when I was in my teens. I was given a choice and preferred local because I don't like to be knocked out, it screws me up for days afterward. The one piece of advice I would give, if I may be so bold, is something that was actually suggested by my oral surgeon at the time: if they'll let you, bring a walkman or ipod or whatever you have with your favorite music on it. Some of the noises the drills and such make are kind of alarming and it's better if you have something nice to listen to.

Good luck! I was puffy and sore for a little bit, but mostly I just remember being psyched to have an excuse to get out of gym class.

bon said...

Well look at that, Elizasmom got MY wisdom teeth! I wondered where they had gone, as I am a freak the other direction and was born with one wisdom tooth that looks like it will never drop. My little bro was the same way.

Um, that sounded like I was gloating, I'm not! I have had enough dental woes to feel VERY sympathetic to your plight. I'll be thinking of ya!

Anonymous said...

Just a note about following the post-procedure directions. I made the mistake of drinking and or eating hot fluids & foods sooner than I was supposed to. I felt so good, which was such a surprise, that I just did my own thing. That dumb move led way to a nasty infection, requiring antibiotics and another procedure to clean everything out.

So for what it is worth, that is my storey. Good luck and God Bless

from Mrs. Rev. D.

Kelli in the Mirror said...

Is your dentist pregnant? That's why I didn't get any gas, just a bunch of valium and EIGHT novocaine shots. She couldn't be around it.

Eli's Mom said...

OUCH! I had mine removed just before I graduated college and two of them looked just like yours - completely growing in sideways. It hurt like hell for 2 days afterwards, adn I literally did not eat for about 36 hours. The 'good' side effect was a 7 pound weight loss....without even trying :)

Sugarmama said...

If it makes you feel any better, I asked not to be knocked out when it was done--just numbed instead--and it was totally fine. The only weird thing was watching someone tug really hard at something attached to me, but all I could actually feel was pressure. I hope it goes well for you--I'm sure it will!

mns said...

I had 2 removed on 2 separate occasions, and it went pretty well.

Just watch out for "dry socket". I won't go into details, since you might already have info from your dentist, or you can Google it, but just be mindful about that. It was unnecessary pain that I didn't take care of until a few days of body-numbing pain. Stooopid.

Dawnyel said...

Scary! Good luck! I'm anxious for the chipmunk cheek pics! :)