Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Spammed to Death

It's true. And in three different ways.

Mail Spam – I am amazed at the amount of junk mail we get from financial institutions offering us loans or credit cards. We get other junk mail too. This is the spam we get the least of.

Email Spam – We must get at the very least 50 spam emails a day. I should keep track one day but instead I try to delete them constantly through the day. I know that my husband has special ways of filtering this spam too so this makes me wonder how much email spam the average person out there is getting. The people that aren't lucky enough to know tricky ways to filter it.

Phone Spam – This is BY FAR the most annoying of the bunch. It has gotten so much worse in even the past year, so much so that I'm feeling at the end of my rope. This morning I received two of these phone calls before 10:00 AM. Then I was out until 1:00 so who knows how many I missed while out. I have also received 1 call since coming home and am sure to expect at least 2-3 more from 5-7:00. So approximately six spam calls a day. That is ridiculous, no? Is it just me? Anyone else having this problem?

I am getting to the point where I am ready to jump down the throats of these people. HA! As I was writing this I received one of these calls! Anyway, before I lose it and yell into the receiver I remind myself that the people who usually have these telemarketing jobs are not being paid well and often seem to be immigrants. I ask myself if they really deserve my verbal abuse. They are only doing the job they are paid to do. What I'd really like to do is have my provincial government put legislation in place to either eliminate or restrict the amount of telemarketing done in this province. Because, come on. Six calls a day!

How do you all deal with this spam? For the latter of the bunch I have resorted to just hanging up when I here that long predictable pause on the line. Because if I don't I worry about what might come out of my mouth next.

*Edited to add

Email Spam from Perry


You like allure prostitute with huge?

Answer. No.


Nikkie said...

The phone spam has just been awful here too. Most of it has been that political stuff and before they even get to their pitch I tell them I'm not a Canadian Citizen and that shuts them up quick. I agree with you, the provincial government needs to something about it.

bon said...

In the US they have to remove you from their "calling list" if you ask them to (phone spammers). Plus you can get a funny little phone company extra of a recording stating that you don't take phone solicitation and to go away. before a caller can even get a single ring tone. Back in the day I used to do phone solicitation... trust me, after you have politely asked them to remove your name from their lists... just hang up on them. It doesn't hurt their feelings and it saves them time, time to call folks who WILL spend some money!

bon said...

Hey... go check out Dadguy's post today... maybe it works for Canada too!

Kelli in the Mirror said...

Give the phone to Miss A. She can chatter at them to her heart's content and eventually they'll hang up.

jaybee4000 said...

With internet spam here is what I try to do. I have an AOL e-mail address that I use when I buy things or register for something on line. Then I have a yahoo address that is for people that I want to communicate with but are not real close friends- the kind who often do all of the cute forwards. Then I also have an address with my internet provider that is for family or really close friends. I try to be sure that this address doesn't get into the hands of people that might abuse it.

For mail spam, any time I get something with a prepostage envelope, I always send that back with a piece of junk mail in it from some other company. At least the people who sent it then have to pay some postage.

As others have mentioned, we have a do not call list and that has helped. But you just have to screen with an answering machine, especially at dinner time.

I am a lurker-- (Total Mom Haircut's Mom)

this single spark said...

It is the same in Canada. When you tell someone you don't want to be on their phone list, they are legally supposed to remove you.

With paper mail, I always open it, write "please remove me from your mailing list" and mail it back to them in the pre-paid envelope so it costs them 52 cents. It took about 6 months of doing this, and I get NO paper junk mail anymore. Seriously.

Email, well.... sign. No helpful hints there.