Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Houdini A

We have been having quite a bit of difficulty lately keeping Miss A in her clothing. And her diaper. I mentioned once before how much she enjoys her birthday suit. The problem is, it's winter for goodness sake! And diapers have a very important purpose and must be left in place on the bottom!

Some things that appear to be discouraging clothing removal are tights and onesies. And after a couple of bed time incidents (one of which pictured here) the pajamas have been going on backwards. Although yesterday morning despite the fact that her jammies were secure her diaper was not and there was a wet spot in her bed. Sigh. I bought some baby safe safety pins to try with her pajamas. I'm a little nervous using them because I am not convinced that she wouldn't be able to figure them out. At least enough to really poke herself which would be awful.

This is one of those challenges in parenting that is just random. I have had many moms tell me that their child never did this kind of thing. And then there are those who have experienced the same thing. A horror that I am desperately trying to avoid is poo fingerpainting. I have heard these tales and I don't want to go there.

If nothing else we have documented this phase on film.


bon said...

That's one cute girl! I have had little escape artists... but not to the point that we had too may repeat performances. And no poo artistry....YET! I have friends who had to resort to duct tape on the doobah to keep it on Jr's bum. Crossing my fingers!

Rachelle said...

She's an adorable cutie!

Nikkie said...

Oh my! Its too cold out to sleep like that Little A! She is just a doll though. Here's to hoping she decides its no fun to escape from her clothes!

SamD said...

Words of advice: DUCT TAPE.

Our youngest was one of those "artistic" types...we started out with masking tape but she figured out how to rip right through that and thought it was a game.

Babysuits (those footed sleepers with a million snaps) help too.

CUTE little girl tho!

Lynanne said...

Such a sweet baby bum! My how tall she's getting!

My lil one loves to dress and undress also. So far she hasn't managed to undo her onesies (gotta love winter!) thank goodness!

Ali said...

rob and i got a good kick out of that. thank you for letting us know about it :) I hope that it gets better/easier for you guys.

she looks so tall too!

this single spark said...

This comment will probably go a long way to explaining why I don't have kids...

Don't worry about the safety pins. If she figures them out and gets stuck, it isn't really that bad. Is it? Then she'll just figure out how NOT to get stuck.