Monday, February 26, 2007

Snow Days

Winter seems not to be going anywhere in these parts. This weekend we were dumped upon with a bunch of snow and it is currently snowing as I write this. The cold snap we were having has at least let up. I found the cold much more depressing than this abundance of snow. At least with snow you can go outside and enjoy!

Which is what we've been trying to do. And the fact that taking A out in the sled is exercise for me doesn't hurt either! Miss A likes going for rides in the sled. She drags her hand along in the snow the way you'd drag your hand in the water if you were in a canoe. She usually gets sick of riding after a while and want to bail out. The other day when we went for a particularity long walk I let her get out and walk around on the trail. I eventually had to put her back in the sled which she wasn't too thrilled about.

A is still a bit too young to 'play' in this snow. Next winter will be a different story I'm sure. One things for sure... We'll have to get a bigger sled. She's already outgrown this one, her feet are squished into the front of the sled!


bon said...

Now that Birdie is five... her "play" in the snow still mostly consists of her sitting on her snowpanted bummie in a pile of snow sampling the various melty, and cunchy whte bits like the whole outdoors was her relish tray. Gives me the willies.. but she assure me she will stay away from anything yellow.

We got hit again too.

Lynanne said...

What fun! I really need to get my daughter out to play in the snow more. It looks like Miss A had SO much fun!

Jenn said...

Cute. It is so nice to have warmer weather again. Not that we've been enjoying it or anything what with being sickly and all.

I bet she'll like to "help" making snowmen when it gets real warm. That's always fun!