Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Battle of the Wills

Cons of Having a Strong Willed Child

-it's difficult to get them to do anything you want them to do unless you trick them into thinking it's their idea.

-once they decide something it's almost impossible to get them to change their minds

-they are prone to temper tantrums

Pros of Having a Strong Willed Child




I haven't thought of any yet. Just kidding. Sort of. Lately I have been fighting with A in regards to her nap. On Sunday, she won. I didn't put up much of a fight. I had memories of the last time she tried it when not only did she win but she also reduced me (okay, I can't blame her) to a sobbing mess over the whole thing. So Sunday, I decided, fine, don't nap. Then you'll find out how tired you'll be by the evening and you'll regret it. I was right about the tired part. But I'm not convinced she regretting anything. And it happened again on Monday. I fought harder that time but eventually she won. Again. Yesterday she actually did nap. But not without a big screaming, kicking, fight about it.

I'm wondering if this is the end of the naps. Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself but two days in a row doesn't bode well. I'm quietly getting ready for it. I'm trying to mentally prepare. It's not exactly the best time for nap elimination given my current state of mental health or lack thereof. But it seems that trying to enforce napping is more difficult to cope with than giving in.

I'm not sure what I will do without my little slice of alone time in the afternoon. It's a bit scary really. I'd appreciate any tips on this transition from those of you who've been through this before. Keep in mind that I'm not much of a drinker. (Ha ha!)


Jenn said...

Yes it is a sad time when naps are no more. I found that Leelee still napped a couple of times a week just to get caught up on her sleep. And she still does from time to time.

I've heard of moms having "quiet time". Even if there is no napping being done, all children have a certain amount of time, even half an hour in their room. If she would happily be in her crib for a period of time playing or looking at books then you'd still have a small bit of time to yourself.

bon said...

We do "movie naps" in the House of Chaos. They are just enough of a down time that the kiddo can sleep if they need, or a little wind-down time even if they don't. Makes those 6:30pm meltdowns of hers a happen a titch less often, and not so... melty (I'm thinking of LaLa right now, as she gave up napping last year some time).

There are Pros! You just won't really see them for a year or so. My Birdie was SO adamant and busy and HARD as a baby and toddler. She can still have her moments, but oh my heck she is a cool little kid. She loves Jesus and wants to do what is right, and when she learns a true principle? She is unshakeable. It's like FIVE is this big marker in her life, and she wants to live up to it. The payoff is huge with the willful girls. They become just the kind of women you will want to be friends with and hold close to your heart.

Kinda like someone else I know, wink wink!

Dawnyel said...

I'm bad, but I hold my son down (Yes, even NOW!!) and nap with him. When he's super cranky, it's the only thing that works!
Oh, and I LOVE the new look! :) So pretty!

Kelli in the Mirror said...

I forget how old A is. Probably not old enough to reason with much, huh? With mine, I tell her it doesn't matter if she goes to sleep or not, but she HAS to lie in bed and rest. She reads books or sings to herself and ends up going to sleep most of the time. But not always.

Sugarmama said...

Yikes! I hope that's not the end of naptime for you! I don't know what I'd do either without that little piece of peace each day!

I think it's great to have a strong-willed child--at least, it is when they're older. Like, MUCH older. They call it determination and focus in adulthood, right...?