Thursday, February 15, 2007


If any of you didn't know this already, this is my favorite band.

Fan facts:

I have been a fan since approximately age 15 when I saw the video “Close to Me” (see YouTube) and fell completely in love.

In high school I wore a plain gold band on my left ring finger and a single gold sleeper in my left ear just like Robert Smith. Why? I'm not sure I knew why. My answer now would be – because I was cool.

I spent many a night alone in my room listening to The Cure and thinking – Wow, he really gets me.

The morning after seeing The Cure for the second time in concert I noticed a large horizontal bruise on my right thigh. I was perplexed for a while until I realized it was from the repeated bashing into the seat in front of me while was jumping up and down constantly during the concert.

I have slacked off in my fandom in recent years but I still love them and call them my favorite band ever.

And with that I give you, The Cure.


Kelli in the Mirror said...

My husband's a huge Cure fan too. I like some of their stuff, but I'm not crazed about it like you guys. :)

Jenn said...

Should I duck when I say I've never really heard their music before?

I think Lex likes them. When I started the YouTube he started bopping up and down and clapping his hands!

this single spark said...

Look how cute and young he is!!!

And you've seen them twice! I guess I should have decided to love a band that wasnt' going to break up a year after I heard of them. But the wait was worth it!

bon said...

HA, memories! Love Cats is and likely alway will be my favorite.