Thursday, November 23, 2006

Nature Baby

Lately Miss A has been taking a liking to going au natural. Well, almost. She still leaves her diaper on, most of the time.

I often find her after a nap with only her diaper on and her clothes, toys and blanket are all tossed on the floor below. She will wave at me when I come in and point to the stuff on the floor as if to say “Look Mama! All my stuff is on the floor. How'd it get there?” Gee, I have no idea. I also can't help but wonder if she is making a soft soft to land on when she decides to catapult herself out of her crib and onto the floor below. I wouldn't be a bit surprised. As it is, when I go in to get her she is often so excited she runs back and forth in her crib as though it is a gymnasium and rams into the ends with her round little belly. She is a wild child.

The other night while I was trying to put her to bed and she was not cooperating I put her pajamas back on her three times. She wouldn't leave them on. It was pretty funny at first but by the third time I just wanted her to keep them on and go to sleep for goodness sake.

Since bathing involves being naked, she loves her bath. She has just started to lay down on her tummy and splash around she also enjoys dunking her face in the water and blowing bubbles. Thanks to swimming lessons she is definitely not afraid of the water. (Sorry I pixelized her tushie but I just can't help thinking about the perverts out there.)

Today, I had to laugh. She had ripped off her pajamas, climbed up on the loveseat and was persistently putting on her shoe. Because, you know, I ALWAYS take her out with only her diaper and shoes on. In the winter. Sigh.


Jenn said...

Cute. I can say that 'cause thus far I don't have children that like to constantly undress themselves!

My sister started to put her daughter's pjs on her backwards so she couldn't get them off. Of course they were the snap up sleeper type. Now she wears a sleeper with buttons which she hasn't figured out how to undo - same ones every night. Again cute, but glad it's not me! :)

Nikkie said...

Boo hasn't figured out how to take his clothes off yet. He does take his socks off all of the time though.

She is such a little cutie!

East of Oregon said...

very adorable .. happy Thanksgiving Day! :)

bon said...

Heh! Yup.... so much of what she does reminds me of Birdie at that age! Birdie actually rocked her first highchair to pieces... her crib as well, although we didn't realize she had her crib intil LaLa started to get acrobatic as well.

The jammies? If you have zipper jams, just run a diaper type safety pin through the hole in the zipper pull and pin it to the top of her jammies. Be prepared for SCREAMS of frustration till she gets resigned to the new reality of enforced clothing.

The pixelized tushie? I was surprized you had posted a pic like that till I realized you had scrambled her bummie! What can I say... a mama's gotta be covering all the a@@es she's in charge of!

Dawnyel said...

I've not had that au natural problem here! Cam won't go to bed without his SOCKS on! MAN!
I think it's quite long as you can keep it contained to your home! My cousins (years ago) would take EVERYTHING off and run down the street! Glad they weren't MY kids! :D