Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Job

As I had mentioned in a past post. My darling husband has a new job. It is not my place to go on about what a fantastic job it is, why and start giving particulars. What I will do however is tell you all how it has positively affected me, Miss A and our family unit in general.

One of the biggest things that I am enjoying since he began his new employment has been my piece of mind. I especially noticed this when the weather began to get a tad ugly. You know, cold, snow, freezing rain, ice... At his former job he was often required to drive all over the city and often out of town. If the weather was bad it didn't really matter and he'd still have to go because 'THE WORLD WILL END IF A COMPUTER IS DOWN'. (Just so you know.) One of his former coworkers actually hit the ditch once while driving on terrible roads. I find it comforting to know that he now only drives to work and then home again. I only have to worry about him for about fifteen minutes twice a day. As opposed to the approximate nine hours I used to worry about him. (Although sometimes I'd just call him to make sure he was okay.)

The next is the fact that his work day is much shorter. This falls into the category – good for everyone. He is less tired, less stressed, happier and gets more time with us. How could that be a bad thing? It just can't. It works out really well on the days when I work because it means that she is hardly with a sitter on Wednesdays and Thursdays and he can pick her up on time (since there is no telling if I will ever be done when I should be) on Fridays. And Saturdays are always Dada and A days. No more working on the weekends. Sigh. Except for me.

Having him home earlier on the days when I don't work has motivated me to cook actual meals. I'm not sure how this makes a difference but it does. Plus Miss A doesn't get impatient waiting for supper and or I feed her early so she doesn't have a total melt down. We now sit down together, AT THE TABLE, and eat our meal. This is a very exciting development in our household. Not that I don't miss the old days of eating on the couch together while watching 'The Daily Show' from the night before. Those were good times too, but change is good.

Then there is the health care benefits package. This perhaps rocks most of all since neither of us had this before. It just feels luxurious. I mean, we could go to the dentist and have our teeth cleaned. And not have to worry about being able to afford it! How fantastic! And Peter wears glasses so his eye appointments and future new frames are covered. If Miss A ends up with his vision, she'll be covered. If she has crooked teeth she won't have to tell all her friends her parents are too poor to fix them. The list goes on and on. It's all good.

I remember the night that he got the call and was offered the position. After he'd hung up the phone he told me,

“I feel like I won the lottery. Is it weird that I feel like I won the lottery?”

No sweetie, it's not weird. Because that's exactly the way I feel too.


bon said...

Health benefits... that is a HUGE breathe-easy for us, but being American, we have to have everything covered!

...and every year they cover less, yet it costs more. Blah.

Nikkie said...

I'm so glad that Peter's job is working out well. When Chas told me that he got it I was so happy for you guys!

I wish Chas worked more hours so we could get the nice health benefit package!

this single spark said...

$500 worth of dental work done yesterday... COVERED! I totally understand why that is such a big deal. So glad Pete's job is working out well for all of you.

this single spark said...

Hmmmm. Just noticed that Miss A is wearing the same outfit that you are in your yoga post. All I can say if you're going to start dressing your kid like yourself is... good thing ya got style!

Jenn said...

Yeah for new jobs! My husband started one recently and is much happier as well.


Dawnyel said...

Security in your jobs is a GREAT thing! I'm so glad your family is thriving under these circumstances! YAY! :)

Jenn said...

Happy to hear that you're loving all the perks that come with Peter's new job. Reading this makes me realize how much I take for granted Kevin's hours and benefits and that jazz. He's usually home by 4:30 too and the odd night that it's approaching 5:00 and he's not home yet I get all irritated. Thanks for making me realize how great we have it too!