Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A Day Off

So yesterday was a holiday for us. Have I mentioned how much I love my husband's new job? We had quite a nice day getting things accomplished. Fixing our drippy sink and fulfilling my lifelong dream of putting Christmas lights on our house. Peter promised me that we could after we cut the enormous cedars down that would have hindered putting up lights along with hiding them. Since they are now history, I held him to his promise. You can see what I mean by revisiting this post.

Anyway, it was exciting. Something else exciting is that Peter was able to come to A's swimming lesson for the first time this session. I loaded him up with both digital and video cameras since I am unable to document our lessons. You know, since I'm in the water holding her and everything.

She was in fine form. Kicking her legs like she's never kicked them before. It was the closest thing she's ever done to swimming since we've been in lessons. Apparently, she likes to perform for her Dada. Thinking back, so did I. Hmmm. He thought she was very cute of course and other than the unbearable humidity in the pool area I think he enjoyed being able to come to a lesson. He was able to come to one of the lessons she was in the last session as well. (Also loaded up with the cameras) He noticed how much more 'lively' she is in the water. It was one of those sweet, sweet parenting moments for each of us.

I also think he realized how tiring it can be to be me. To run errands, go to a swimming lesson and take care of Miss A. I think he would rather go to work. Not to say he doesn't enjoy his time with A and I. (tee hee.) But I think he'd rather just stay at home when he's with us. Having to do anything else at the same time is exhausting.

Also, for those of you who are interested – 'Mama D Experiment' is up. And, no. I don't think it's happening too fast. (Read my comment in Sixteen.)


Jenn said...

Those days off are so nice! I'm glad you get to experience them now with Peter's new job. That first pic of A is so cute, kicking her feet and all!

I think the beta blogger thingy just takes time to get used to. Maybe check things out first (I was not so smart and just dove in with both feet).

bon said...

FUUUUN and CUUUUTE! These days are good, plus it's also good for the "not-stay-at-home" folks to remember that it's really work to be the "stay-at-home" or even the "more-stay-at-home" parents. It's fun, but not a cake walk.

Rachelle said...

Days off are so nice! The swimming looks like a blast. And I'm still getting used to beta blogger as well.

Dawnyel said...

Those pics are SO cute! :) I love those days when things get accomplished and you feel refreshed! :)

Anonymous said...

Great pics! It is always nice when you can share your day with your husband.

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