Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Experiment Has Not Been Abandoned

Four of you out there have probably been wondering whether or not I had given up on 'The Mama D Experiment'. The answer is no. And here is the proof.

If any of the rest of you have no idea what I am talking about you can check it out or I can just tell you. The Mama D Experiment is another blog where I have been posting a story I am writing, chapter by chapter. Now, please understand I AM NOT an author, I have not taken any writing courses of any kind. I write because I enjoy it. But I also think it's awesome if other people get something out of my writing. Which is why I started the 'Experiment'. That and because Peter told me to. I do whatever he says.

When I was a kid I sat at an old wooden desk in front of an old clickity clackity typewriter and wrote stories. Most of which were inspired by 'Sweet Valley High' I must admit. I wish I had those stories now. I think they'd be a hoot to read.

I'm not sure I've come very far since those days of writing SVH inspired stories. My interest in sappy 80's movies also comes through in my writing. There is a reason 'Say Anything' is one of my favorite films.

I just wanted to let those of you who care know that my writing block has lifted. At least for the moment. And I have some more to publish. I haven't forgotten about Jordan and Beth. Just wasn't sure how to get where I wanted to go with them. My Sitemeter for the 'Experiment' tells me you've been there. Thank you. I'm sorry to have kept you waiting so long. I hope this chapter isn't a disappointment.

For those of you who don't give a crap, I'll be back to my tales of poop and giggles tomorrow.


Kelli in the Mirror said...

I had SO.MANY of those books. :) I used to think jessica was such a horrible person. Little did I know.

I haven't read your other blog, I don't think. I need to go check it out!

plantain said...

Loved Sweet Valley High...

Dawnyel said...

I actually got to the Experiment BEFORE reading this I've read, enjoyed, and COMMENTED! :)

Eli's Mom said...

DUDE! I was such an SVH addict!! Looking back I'm surprised my mom let me read them so young (I started in 4th grade)....what great books though! Thanks for the memory reminder!

Jenn said...

I also loved SVH. Elizabeth was my favorite, probably 'cause I was kinda reserved and studious too. But I think secretly I wanted to be like Jessica.