Sunday, November 26, 2006

I've Lost Count

Our winner for this week is the incredible Jenn of And then there were four. She is almost always here bright and early on Friday mornings to submit a guess or just to say “Good morning!” So congrats again Jenn, you are a force to be reckoned with.

'Adventures in Babysitting' was a movie I saw several times. It's not one that goes up in the Mama D 80's Movie Hall of Fame (Yes, that wall exists. In my mind.) or anything but it was/is watchable. I think you can usually tell if a movie was good or not by checking out the IMDB memorable quotes page for any movie. If it's difficult for me to find a decent quote, that makes me recall that it wasn't such great of a movie after all.

My favorite quote from this movie had a swear in it, so I didn't use it. I just thought it was funny. Just proves how naughty I am.

Looking back at these photos makes me laugh. The babysitter was supposed to be a babe! But look at that coat! With a broach no less. How old was she, like 70? Weird.

And then there was Vincent D'Onofrio as 'Thor'. That's right. As in the guy from Criminal Intent. The creepy killer guy from 'The Cell'. That guy. I was shocked too. That is the best part about 'researching' these movies for my game. Finding out which celebrities appeared in these movies way back when.

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Kelli in the Mirror said...

I bet I know exactly which quote you didn't use. It's my favorite too. :) This movie is so fun. And cheesy and silly.