Wednesday, November 01, 2006

All Hallows' Eve

Halloween turned out to be almost as much fun as I was hoping. Despite the fact that it looks more like Christmas around here than Halloween, we still had fun. We bundled Miss A up in her cozy warm costume, buckled her into the stroller and headed up and down our block. It was a great opportunity to visit our neighbors most of whom we know but we also met a few we didn't know.

Though we'd made sure A was dressed warmly we neglected to think of ourselves. We nearly froze our patooties off by the time we were done. You'd think it was our first Halloween living in this crazy cold place. We then had to pile into our car and make a few visits that were too far away to walk. A wasn't a big fan of getting in and out of the car but once we cracked some cheese puffs open she was pretty content.

We got plenty of loot. Most of which Peter and I will be enjoying. Although Miss A got a book and a stuffed cat from a lady on our block who most people affectionately refer to as 'the cat lady'. She decorates her home at Halloween with hundreds (I'm not exaggerating) of cat cut outs. They cover her walls like some kind of freaky cat wallpaper. A was in the stroller but she made (asked) both Peter and I to come in separately to appreciate the many, many cats. She then gave us the book and stuffed kitty for A which was really so nice of her. It doesn't make the cat thing less crazy though.

We also missed the big trick or treaters rush, which I kinda feel guilty about. Last year we had over a hundred kids/teenagers. This year we had 55. How do I know it was exactly that many? Because we had a box with 70 bags of chips and there are 15 bags left. Check out my mad math skilz. Ha! So we'll be taking chips in our lunches for a while. Alright!

So here is our loot. Minus what we'd already eaten.

Total Loot

Loot on the Left - Ours Loot on the Right - Miss A's

Miss A eating raisins

Translation: "Awww Mama! Gimmie some CHOCOLATE!!"


Valarie said...

cute miss A!

We had a similar experience with me being the one who froze while we were out. and I found myself silently cheering when they were passing out good candy.

Jenn said...

Sounds like you had a great evening!
No costumes for you?

I meant to tell you to bring A over here for some goodies. Maybe next year!

Nikkie said...

Yeah, I forgot to send Boo and his Daddy over to your place and tell you guys to hit up here! I had toddler/baby friendly fare stashed away!

Looks like you guys had a fun time. We didn't get many tricker treaters this year either.

bon said...

Too cute! We are bad, baddies and let Pearl have suckers. Yes... suckers plural! She never finishes any of them... and I figure that as I throw out each fuzz crusted stickybomb on a stick, I am that closer to being done.

Delusional, I know.

Dawnyel said...

Cold Halloweens are the norm around our usual thing is finding a warm costume, and then bundling up in gloves, hats, and heavy coats! You'll definately remember that next year! :)
Crazy cat lady, eh? I don't think I would have wanted to see're a good neighbor! :)

Lynanne said...

What a little doll! I love the costume! My daughter has a similar one but it was a bit big. We're hoping it will still fit next year.

How wonderful that you had fun despite the cold! We had 65 degrees here the day before Halloween but Halloween night it was 20 deg...yipes.