Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Hide and Seek

Miss A has learned to play hide and seek. She hides and I seek. But this isn't the traditional game of hide and seek. You see she hides things. For instance, once she hid one of her books in her laundry hamper. I found it in the washing machine after I'd washed it. Luckily it was a book that had cost a dollar. Needless to say it didn't stand up well to being washed. The other day she hid one of her shoes. I found it today while putting our laundry in the wash, it was in our hamper. This morning I caught her putting her tooth brush in the bathroom garbage. (yuk!) At lunch she was trying to hide pieces of her sandwich in her shirt. (?)

I'm sure you can guess that I don't like this game very much. Something that she has hidden that I have yet to find is my personal phone book. With all of my friends phone numbers in it. This is really annoying to me. The fact that I actually have to look up a number in the big phone book, the one with all those other names of people I don't know, is such a pain. It makes me not want to call anyone. So friends out there if you're wondering why I haven't called, now you know.

I bought myself a new pair of slippers today because I only have one. The other, is missing. I wonder what could have happened to it? Perhaps our cat ate it. I've been a little lazy getting around to feeding him lately and maybe this was his revenge. Or, maybe the slipper monster stole it. You know the slipper monsters that live in the dark, dark corners of your closets just waiting to snatch one, just one, of your slippers. Then again it could have just vanished into thin air. Or a certain toddler may be holding it for ransom. But I will not negotiate. I have bought myself a new pair of slippers! Ha ha! You thought you had won. I am not beaten so easily!
I think I need to go to bed...

*Edited to Add

Peter found my phone book, several weeks after it originally went missing. It was swallowed up by one of our chairs. I'm not sure I can blame A for that one. Luckily I don't have to apologize to her because she was totally oblivious that it was missing and that I was blaming her for it.


Nikkie said...

Oh, I love the hide and seek game! Boo's been known to do that sometimes too. Luckily there isn't too many places he can get to that he can hide things in. I hope she gets over hiding things soon!

bon said...

Heh! Just wait till she figures out how to flush the toilet. Hide yer wedding rings my friends!

Jenn said...

Fun, fun, fun. I once knew of a child who would put things in the toilet and as they flushed they would yell "good-bye forever!".

Mama D said...

Ah crap. She has flushed the toilet. Luckily neither of us ever take our rings off.