Thursday, November 30, 2006

Guilty Pleasure

This post has an awful lot to do with me being Canadian so if any non-Canadians out there are lost... sorry.

I decided it was time to confess my new guilty pleasure. It all started innocently enough during the usual 1:00ish time that I put Miss A down for her nap. I sit on my bed, nursing her and watching whatever happens to be on television. There hadn't been anything good on (I only have two channels.) during that time slot for a long time. Until a couple of months ago...

They started showing Degrassi: The Next Generation. I used to watch the original Degrassi way back. I admit at first I was kind of annoyed. Thinking 'Why are the playing Degrassi in the middle of the day?'. Next thing I know I'm trying to make sure I see it and if I miss one – I feel disappointed. Then I moved on to taping Fridays episodes because I am working that day.

But today was the day I knew I had developed a full on addiction. Having read ahead here about upcoming episodes (perhaps doing that should have been a clue?) I knew that today's episode was going to be important. So I made sure that I fed Miss A lunch early and got her down for her nap BEFORE Degrassi came on. Sigh.

That's when I knew I had to write about it. Get it off my chest. It feels good to put it out there. I am not ashamed.


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh, I am not Canadian and LOVED THIS SHOW. I haven't really had the chance to catch up with the new ones... but have considered it!

Kelli in the Mirror said...

Loved Degrassi Junior High. Haven't watched the new ones either. I guess maybe I should!

plantain said...

Now I know that you and I are destined to be fast (internet) friends. I don't just like Degrassi... I love, love, love Degrassi..
When I was pregnant I got all the Degrassi Junior High and Degrassi High videos and watched them all in one big degrassi-fest... and I've been addicted to the Degrassi Next Generation also... I'm not sure if it's on here in Australia.. but I watched it every week when it aired on 'The N' network in L.A.... so what's happening on the show?

Dawnyel said...

I loved the original too, but haven't watched any of the new shows...And I DO have access to it...even tho I'm NOT Canadian! :) There's nothing like indulging in something just for you!