Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hippie to the Core

DISCLAIMER: This post is in no means meant to be insulting to hippies. It is meant to be comical. Besides, I like you people. I've even been called a hippie a few times myself.

On Sunday I took Miss A to our local Folk Festival. Once upon a time long, long ago when I was about eighteen I sat on a blanket at the Folk Festival and thought 'One day, when I have a child, I want to bring them here.' Little did I know I would give birth to a hippie. She loves to be shoe less, naked and play in the dirt. And so my dream was finally fulfilled. Unfortunately, it was 36 degrees outside that day. I loaded us up with sunscreen and packed my bag with drinks for us and we went on our merry way.

It was $20 for admission which I felt was rather steep considering that we would only be staying for around 3 hours. I let it go knowing what a good time she would have. We headed directly to the kids tent where a very nice lady was singing and playing her guitar. Miss A wanted out of the stroller and immediately proceeded to take off her sandals. She then went right up on stage. Before I grabbed her I quickly got the nod that that was okay. So she stood up there and danced. And when the song was over everyone clapped and her face lit up as though she thought they were applauding her. She also clapped for herself.

There was another group that played and several of the kids went up on stage and danced. The only problem was that they also had scheduled dancers and when they were on stage I had to keep A off. She didn't like this one bit. Obviously, SHE was the best dancer and should not be keep off the stage. There was also an enormous sand pile that she could go and play in when she wasn't permitted to be on stage.

Over all we had a lot of fun. I can imagine how much more she would enjoy it next year and hopefully we could make it more worthwhile by staying a bit longer.


bon said...

Gracious, anything less than "dirthead" is not an insult, in my book.

Mind you.... I come from NM, the last bastion of the true stinky hippy, so ya have to cut me a little slack.

Lynanne said...

I can't get over how much A has grown! I love that she got right up on the stage and danced to the music. We should all be that free :)

Jenn said...

She's just so adorable! And that is so sweet that you got your little hippie!