Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Summer Fun

It must be summer, I'm getting really slack with blogging.

We recently made a great purchase. It's called a WeeRide. Great name which can be interpreted one of two ways.

One - The child is 'Wee' and gets to go for a ride.
Two - The ride is fun and the child goes “WEE!”

Miss A prefers to say “Yee Haw!” instead of “Wee!” but whatever. Last night was only the second ride we've gone on and the first was just her and I. Last night we went on a family ride. It was so much fun.

I have been missing bike riding and knew that we couldn't afford a fancy pants chariot type thingy so I thought we were out of luck. But when we went to my niece's grad in another province I saw a guy and his kid using this WeeRide thing. When we got home I called a cycling store to ask about it and they directed me to Canadian Tire. So off I went and for what I thought was a very modest and reasonable amount we can now go riding as a family.

Now all we need is more time together to actually go riding!


bon said...

Wheeee! And holy hannah, could Miss A get anymore beautiful?

shoeaddict said...

Sweet happy face

elizasmom said...

That's such a cool bike seat! We just went whole-hog and bought bikes, helmets, seat, etc. for all of us, but we got the old-fashioned back of the bike seat. I've never seen the kind you have. It looks like way fun for the kiddo. Happy biking!

Jenn said...

Looks like fun! I can just see her having a great time!

mns said...

looks like a great idea! I like the idea of having kiddo in the front. I will have to get an invisible one to install on my invisible bike. Or maybe there's an easier way...