Wednesday, July 18, 2007

She Speaks!

We have moved on to sentences around here. Most of them start with “I want” and end in a variety of ways. For instance:

“I want DOWN!”
“I want Up!”
“I want juice!”
“I want bottle!” (b pronounced like a p)
“I want food.” (pronounced a bit like fuud)

But some other cute things she's been saying are “Again?” after every game we play or song we sing. And then I say “Again?” and she says “Okay!” The “Yee Haw!” thing I mentioned yesterday, she says this whenever she sees a horse or rides piggy back or now, when she's on the bike. She also says “What happened?” when she drops something on the floor or when 'something happens'. She also randomly says “Oh, Hi Mommy!” as though she just noticed I was there.

She also knows opposites really well. Down came first. Then we spent some time on the teeter totter saying “Up, Down, Up, Down” and she learned Up as well. I also give Elmo credit for that one. She learned Hot pretty quickly. Not she always says “Hot” when I give her a warm meal or when we get into the car. I'm not sure when and how she picked up Cold but she knows that one too. When I give her yogurt popsicles she'll say “Cold”. She also says it when we walk into the shade or when the wind picks up. The most comical one lately is “Push”. It is always said with an exclamation point at the end. She will say this whenever she's trying to get doors open, the fridge open or when dressing or undressing her babies. Lately she has started to say Pull as well. But “PUSH!” is still my favorite. I send my midwife a message the other day saying that perhaps Miss A would go into the midwifery profession as I often heard her say “Push! PUSH! All done.”

I also measured her height yesterday. She is measuring 34 ½ inches tall. After consulting the growth charts I see that she is indeed in the highest percentiles. It's weird Peter feels slightly saddened by this since he found being tall to be uncomfortable when growing up. I myself always wished I'd been taller. For her sake I just hope it serves her well in some way in whatever activities she chooses. I guess the career of jockey will likely be out of the question for her.

She continues to have no fear on the playground. She climbs almost anything without a moments hesitation. The other day we had to prevent her from following a ten year old boy who slid down a pole. She was convinced she could do the same. I hope she always has that attitude in life. “If he can do it, so can I!” For right now it's a little difficult to explain why that's not always the case.

The temper is as bad as ever although the tantrums seemed to have eased. Or I'm getting used to them or better at avoiding them. I referred to myself as a storm watcher the other day in regards to her and her anger being like the weather. I use that analogy a lot actually because I also have this theory that I treat her tantrums the way you treat a very bad storm. Take cover and wait for it to blow over. There is no stopping that kind of storm. And it's futile to get in it's way. It's probably something she just has to do every now and then to relieve the frustration that builds up inside of her. Whatever. It seems to work for us.


bon said...

Heart. Breakingly. Beautiful.

And smart on top of it all!

elizasmom said...

Hee! "What happened?" :snerk: I can just about hear her saying that. I love the way toddlers speak. And, ditto what Bon said — she's gorgeous.

mns said...

Love the stormwatching analogy. Sounds about right when it comes to toddlers! And probably teenagers, for that matter. *remembering my own miserableness as a teen*