Tuesday, July 10, 2007

What's New?

I realize that I haven't given many updates about Miss A lately. Other than to reiterate what a handful she is. Let me tell you some of the cute and fabulous things she is doing these days.

In the morning after we have our snack and cuddle I ask her if she wants to go get the kitty. She excitedly climbs off the bed and stands at the basement door so we can go down and let him out of his room. (In case any of you are wondering why our cat sleeps in a room in the basement it is for the good of everyone. This way he does not disturb anyone's sleep and he gets to keep living.) Anyway, we go downstairs and she says “Kitty! Kitty!” and when we let him out she follows him up the stairs again, chatting in her own language.

At the end of an episode of 'The Big Comfy Couch' they say “And the Cow jumps over the Moon!” and she always says “MOON!” at that part. And then they have a logo for the production company which is called 'Radical Sheep' and there is a “Baaa!” noise to accompany it. A always does the “Baaa!” as well. It took me a while to figure out what she was doing. Then I felt guilty that she knows the show so well that she can do that. Then I forgave myself because it's a good show and she loves it.

She loves shoes. She can put almost all of her shoes on herself and she almost always puts them on the right feet without any help. She often puts on several different pairs in a row, as though she's trying to choose the right pair to go with her outfit. If I tell her certain ones to wear she usually knows which ones I'm talking about. She also enjoys wearing other peoples shoes. Especially flip flops. She doesn't have any of her own and I never had to show her how they fit between your toes, she just figured it out. She walks around in my flip flops and they look like snow shoes. She is surprisingly graceful in them too. When we walk in a shoe store she exclaims “SHOES!” almost before we're through the door.

She also likes hats. I have about three hats that sit on a shelf near the front door. She often gets them down and brings them to me. She'll wear one and hands one to me to wear. Then we switch. This game can go on for some time.

At bed time we rock in a chair in her room. She likes to have several stuffed animals on her lap at once. Then after a while she'll say “Bye” to each of them and toss them on the floor.


shoeaddict said...

This was a sweet post! She sounds like my kinda girl, what with the shoes and all. :)

bon said...

Sigh... is so CUTE the girlee! Pearl too, is a shoe luvah... I believe that the word "shoe" and the word "sock" were the fourth and fifth words in her repertoire.

ali said...

bring on the snowshoe pics!
claire loves to say shoes too. she almost stammers it: sssshhhhhhooooee.

Sugarmama said...

Aw, what a cutie! My littlest girl loves accessories, too. She was so psyched this morning when I showed her a pair of new sandals I picked up for her last night--"Big girl shoes!" she said, for some reason. Sounds like we might both have a couple of girly-girls on our hands, huh?