Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My Yard Sucks, but it can still be fun

Our yard is a mess. We cut down some trees weeks ago and don't have a truck to get rid of them. My garden is only growing weeds this year because I didn't bother planting vegetables until the trees were cut down and it could get some decent sun. Our shed is ugly and we want to replace it but it's all we got so for now, it stays.

I've been avoiding the back yard as much as possible. I've been focusing on my front flowerbed and the flowerbed along the side of the house. They are pretty and make me feel happy.

Unfortunately the back yard could be avoided no longer since the play structure was built. The kid, she wants to play. And it's been so ridiculously hot here that I set A's pool up (on the garden of weeds) and filled it up. My girl, she loves the water. On Sunday I set up my lounger with the funky 70's flower pattern and sat in my ugly (but has potential) yard reading and watching my daughter splash in the pool or play on the slide.

I have to say, it wasn't so bad. I dream of having a gorgeous backyard. A backyard oasis if you will. And it will happen, one day. We're working on it.


shoeaddict said...

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Akhor said...

Your yard looks huge. Glad I don't have to mow it! Because I would just change it all to rocks then.

Mama D said...

It's actually really not huge. At least not by the standards around here. Maybe yards are smaller there.

Tee said...

The unattainable backyard oasis - I've been in search, too. (Maybe it's a mirage. LOL.)

This year our grass is brown and crunchy and I didn't bother with the vegetable patch so it's just awful. Our soil is poor quality and it's too hot :p

Not to mention all the other areas need to be mulched. Depressing.

Well - I found your blog via shoeaddict. She saw on my blog that I was in search of a shampoo/conditioner called Revlon Outrageous, which is no longer sold in the US (but is sold in Canada).

She tells me that not only are you a friend to the North, but a hairdresser.

If you're interested in a little foreign exchange, I could send you some Yankee product for a bottle of conditioner. LOL.

bon said...

GAHG! Us too! The front's not so bad, but the back is a mess! And NO GARDEN this year again.

Sugarmama said...

I hear you on this. We've done a ton of work on both our front and back yards this year, but neither is anywhere near matching the vision I have in my head. Still, the nice thing about owning your own home is that there's no rush. And a garden is never finished anyway, right?