Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I Wanna Dance!

I know that everyone has dreams and aspirations for their children. I also know that all parents are deluded and blinded by love when it comes to their child's talent. But I've gotta tell you guys. My daughter is the most amazing 2 (almost) year old dancer I've ever seen. She digs music so much. In fact, she will groove to any sort of beat at all. Like the rhythmic noise of the grocery cart wheels on the tile floor in the mall. The sound of a train going by on the tracks. Wherever we go that there is music playing she immediately perks up and starts bopping around.

When she dances she moves her whole body. She moves her shoulders, her hips, everything. She does little spins with her arms stretched out. And she's smiling the whole time too.

At her Grandma's place you can see the television from the table. Since it was a novelty we always used to have cartoons on while we had lunch. It used to distract so that she wouldn't decide she didn't like something, she'd just watch her show and eat anything. The other day we discovered we can no longer have cartoons on while we eat. What happened was when music came on she loudly proclaimed:

“I want DOWN!” “I wanna DANCE.”

I quickly changed the channel to something she was not at all interested in. But I had to admit her words were music to my ears. Now every time I watch this show I daydream that maybe one day I'll be the geeky parent in the audience watching Miss A on the stage. Holding up a sign that says “Miss A is DA BOMB!”


elizasmom said...

Wow! Between this and your previous post, I think you have a little performer on your hands. You better start making those "Miss A is Da BOMB" signs!

bon said...

Heh, I used to think that on top of her other medical woes, Pearl was having some sort of limited seizures... turns out she just likes to shimmy her shoulders as her primary form of dance.

Sugarmama said...

Hey, not every kid is like this! I'll bet it IS a special talent she has!