Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Sorry About That

I have often been told that I say sorry a lot. Which I am already painfully aware of. And I have also been told in a round about kind of way that people who say sorry as much as I do lack sincerity most of the time. I do beg to differ although I'm not sure anyone would listen.

You see if someone stubs their toe, and I was nearby I would most definitely tell them I was sorry. I realize that I wasn't personally responsible for the pain they experienced having stubbed their toe but I would indeed feel sorry that it happened. Which is why I'd say sorry. You get me? In any case, I know I say it a lot but I disagree with the idea of my insincerity. That assumption is just plain rude.

Having said that. I am being faced with the reality of how much I actually do apologize since this is a trait that I have already passed down to Miss A. She is constantly saying sorry. It is pretty cute but I get twinges of guilt when I hear her constant apologies. I am hoping that as she gets older she'll understand the appropriate time to say "sorry".

Most of the time she has it right. She might bump into someone and say "Oh, sorry!" or drop her baby on it's head and say "Oh! Sorry Baby!" On the other hand I have heard her say "Oh sorry juice!" and I can't imagine what she could have done to it. Also when we are walking together and someone suddenly appears she might say "Oh, sorry." usually followed by a friendly "Hi!"

Since I have been given such a bad time about my apologies I have actually made an effort of several occasions to try to cut down. It never sticks though because it requires too much constant thought not to do it. This is me. And apparently it will be Miss A as well. And if you don't like it... Well, sorry.


jen k said...

OH Dawn...
you worry too much.
there are worse things to
be worry about...its what makes
you YOU! and what will make A,

SORRY you feel this way!!! (heehee)

ps...happy belated birthday!!!!sounds like you had a great day!

bon said...

I think I would be a little more concerned about verbal habits like dropping the eff-bomb every few minutes. Saying "sorry" every few minutes is a mere blip, and I don't think you should worry too much about it.

If people feel like you are insincere about your use of the word, maybe you should get more verbose about it. Try...

Gosh, that's too bad that bull just gored you in the guts!

Oh! I feel terrible that you just got your head knocked in by a bulldozer.

Did I just give you a "dead-arm" in the thigh muscle? Deepest apologies; I meant to kick you in the nuts.

Stuff like that.

shoeaddict said...

'scuse me, I'm laughing at Bon! I think it's adorable that A says "sorry" and agree it's better than her saying the f-word! And I bet she's so sweet when she says it. Better for her to be sweet than a terrible brat.

Mama D said...

Ah Bon! That's why I love ya!

Kelli in the Mirror said...

Okay, bon made me cackle out loud.

I say 'sorry that happened' all the time to my daycare kids. Because I didn't do it, but I AM sorry that they're upset about it. Some of them have already picked up that phrase from me. Oh well.

Nikkie said...

I never thought you sounded insincere when you say sorry!