Monday, August 13, 2007


Along with all the dancing Miss A has been doing lately. There has also been singing. She attempts to sing almost anything. And especially likes a big finish. As in, yelling the end of a song. For those of you familiar with the Elmo's World theme song, here is her version.

“La la la LA! La la la LA! (mumblemumble) weerld.

(mumblemumblemumble) FISH! (mumblemumble) TOO!!!

Dats (mumblemumble) WEERLD!!!”

Performed with lots of nodding. We have captured this on video and I hope to get it on to youtube in the next while. It is really priceless.

She has also been attempting the A,B,C's and Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.

Something else she's been doing that totally cracks me up is this. When she wants one of us to sing Old MacDonald has a Farm she yells “Cow!” repeatedly until we start singing. And when we are singing it she yells out animals names before you are done one line. For instance...

“And on that farm he had a cow, eeii, eeii, oohh! With a...” And the whole time she'll be saying “Pig? Pig? Pig? Pig?” Until you sing the “on that farm he had a pig” then she'll start saying “Horsie? Horsie? Horsie?” You get the idea. It's so funny. I'm hoping we can capture this on film as well.

I am finding her to be such a blast right now. She has personality oozing out of every pore. Every night Peter and I find ourselves talking about all the funny things she says and does. Or we just imitate her to make each other laugh. I hope we never take for granted how much joy she bring into our lives.


Elicia said...

So cute. I can't wait until E hits that stage.

bon said...

Yay! And it just keeps getting better, and FUNNIER!

shoeaddict said...

Very cute! Cooper (my best friend's 2 year old) LOVES Elmo. He calls him Elmore. We make him say it over and over. He does the same with Nemo (calls him Nemore). They are so funny at that age. I can't wait for you to put the video up so I can see her singing

Nikkie said...

That is so cute! She's in such a cute little age!

Lynanne said...

E has been doing this with "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" ('winkle, 'winkle, star ...jibberish... up 'bove world high! etc) She "plays" it on the piano with nowhere near the right notes but recognizably on key. Its the only song she sings though. :) I love that A has so many songs!

elizasmom said...

This reminds me, this weekend, I was listening to the radio and they had the guy from the Annoying Music Show on, and he played Elvis's version of Old MacDonald, which was pretty awesome. There's a clip of it here:

I am looking forward to A's renditions of Elmo and Old MacDonald!

Sugarmama said...

My husband usually spend the last minutes of our day talking about all the cute things our little one says, too. It's a sweet way to end the day.